Fenwick Candles - Transformative All Natural Coconut Wax Candles

As much as I love aromatherapy I don't always want to pull out all the accroutements that go with it - diffusers, atomizers, and oils that then require mixing, pouring, rolling, smoothing. It's been a long day already. I don't need more to add to my to-do list.

I just want the house to smell good without being toxic for me, my guests, and pets. I want scents to transform me without being overpowering. I long for everything from stimulation and reinvigoration to complete calm depending on the day/my mood. I want a fragrance that lingers long after the flame has been blown out.

Fenwick Candles made by hand by Trish Fenwick in Toronto, Canada are exceptional candles made with hand all-natural coconut wax and essential oils.

This is my first coconut wax candle and I'm completely enamoured. The creaminess of the wax instills an instant cozy and plush feel to the room, while being completely environmentally sustainable. Fenwick wants to encourage reforestation by supporting healthy agriculture from perennial resources. Did you know that one coconut tree can bear fruit for up to 60 years? To make the wax, the fruit's meat is cold-pressed and mixed with fatty palm stearin, completed with a thick, 100% cotton wick so you get a long-lasting (30 hours long), yet clean burn.

Each candle is then infused with rich essential oils. Along with the dreamy coconut wax, you'll notice a clear difference in the quality of these pure, aromatic plant extracts from flowers, seeds, sap, root, bark and leaves. The air is not weighed down with artifice, but instead an extension of the beauty outdoors brought inside.

The result is a stunning metamorphosis that will depend on what scent you select.

I chose Lavender Eucalyptus because when I'm home, I want to be submerged in simultaneous relaxation and euphoria.

This paradise of unbuttoned ease and joy delivers the de-stressing scent of real lavender with a splash of cooling, refreshing eucalyptus that loosens all my knots and joints. Unwinding after a long day will now long outlast that glass of wine you normally pour once in the door. Especially since these beauties don't come with an expiry date.

The Fenwick Candle Collection includes a host of dreamy scents:

- Ideal for fall - Cedar and Fig Balsam x Cedar
- Citrusy Bergamot x Bay
- Simply Lavender 
- Don't like fragrance? There's Unscented just for you.

It's not enough to just have a candle with a magnificent scent - they have to be pleasing to the eye in addition to making you feel great. The low-to-the-surface mason jar is much more refined than the usual chunky, tall design (of which I'm not a fan). In fact, it looks rather modern, which is a good thing, as my house is all 90-degree angles in a considerable amount of mirrors, glass and metals.

Fenwick Candles are contemporary candles that invoke the very best feelings from the very best ingredients, all made by hand and with love. You can see and feel the difference right away.

It's pure rapture captured in a jar. So shop Fenwick Candles right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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