Don't Have the Money or Time for a Trainer? That's OK - Just Get Mama Mio's Get Waisted Body Shaper

Though I am a Certified Fitness Instructor, I haven't worked out in a gym for months.

These days, my exercise constitutes:

- running for the phone
- running downstairs to let the UPS guy in with my pile of packages
- walking to pick up groceries, drop off library books...

Well, you get the idea.

And while I have toned my legs and arms so much so in recent months that people ask if I've taken up yoga (do the moves I'm in to clean behind the toilet count?), my abs are well, they just aren't.

It's been a long, long time since my tummy was svelte and perfect. It's not bad now, but I'm not DWTS contender, let me tell you.

And while I would love a bottle to flatten my tummy, I find that highly unlikely.

So when Mama Mio's Get Waisted Body Shaper, I was skeptical.

Sure it's got Phyco R75 (huh?), Areaumat Samphira (still clueless) and Caffeine (oh, okay), but still. How can anything firm that specific an area and get rid of that excess skin?

You can read about the chemistry of how and why it works, because I can't really explain it all, but I CAN tell you that:

After applying 2 pumps of it a day in a clockwise motion for 30 seconds for a month, my abs made an appearance!

Okay, now I have to say, it's not a six pack. It's not even a four pack. It's a nice starter pack of two, which folks, I am thrilled to see, to have, to own.

And I didn't have to do any heavy lifting, heavy breathing, heavy anything. Just apply 2 pumps ONCE A DAY of Get Waisted Body Shaper.

So if I do this every day for 3 more months, does that mean I'll get a six pack?

It's worth a shot.

In the meantime, I'm puttin' on my bikini and enjoying the rest of the summer - with my new abs!

Stephanie Dickison

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