Sunday Snacks That Are Oscar Worthy!

Even if you're not going to watch the Oscars tonight, chances are you're going to tune in for either the pre-show to check out what everyone's wearing, or you'll wait until the first hour and preamble are over to watch all the heavy hitters duke it out for Best Actor, Best Picture, etc.

And either way, you're going to need some cool snacks to go along with it.

I have found some Oscar worthy contenders - fun treats that are just simply better than what you're eating right now.

Check them out:


Corazonas Heart Healthy Snacks

I have written about Corazonas before because they are the first heart-healthy tortilla chip that not only can lower your cholesterol, but they taste great. So you get a chip that you can eat without the guilt.

And they have a new flavour - A Squeeze of Lime - that is just phenomenal! There is a ton of lime flavour that's zippy enough to not require any salsa. A tortilla chip that doesn't need salsa?! Yep, it's good enough to eat on its very own. In fact, didn't I just eat half the bag that way...

But be warned. - these are some of the best tortilla chips you'll have. Thank goodness they are good for you, not to mention gluten free!

Hardbite Artisan Potato Chips

If you're looking for a fantastic potato chips that also happens to be: cholesterol and MSG-free, low sodium with non-hydrogenated sunflower/canola oil, have I got a chip for you!

And it's not just me saying how spectacular they are - Hardbite are the "No. 1 selling potato chip in premier Health, Lifestyle and Natural Food stores." The crowd has spoken and they've declared, "Pass the Hardbite!"

And I can see why. Though I am not a huge kettle-cooked potato chip lover, I came to eat entire bags of these chips. And it's because of the way they cook them - "kettle cooked by hand, the old fashioned way, batch by batch. Through storage, potatoes change the moisture and sugar content. Regular adjustments have to be made to cooking times and temperatures. Hardbite potato chips are never cooked over 300 degrees. This is a true hands on, kettle style potato chips."

Despite their name, they are not rock solid like many kettle chips (one of the many reasons I haven't like kettle chips, until now). They are actually surprisingly light and non-greasy. Hardbite chips are spiced with 100% natural Himalayan crystallized rock salt so they have a great fresh salt flavour that you want to accompany the snappy potato taste. And the flavours! OMG the flavours! These are really just incredible.

I had my friends, neighbour and Mom over to taste test and we all had our favourites. Wild Onion & Yogurt was Mom's favorite, while Ben liked the Salt & Vinegar. Darren liked Cheddar & Onion and Scott was amazed by the All Natural. Allana chose the Creamy Coconut & Curry Oriental, which we all agreed tasted like an authentic Thai curry, while I scarfed down both the Smokin BBQ & Jalepeno chips.

In other words, we ate until there was nary a potato crumb left.

You will too, no doubt. Just be sure to try 'em all. You're bound to find a favourite in each of the 8 flavours. We sure did!


Brookside Foods

For those of you aching for something sweet tonight, consider Brookside Foods.

They offer tantalizing varieties of chocolate, fruit and nuts. Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are a great way to get your nut and chocolate fix, all in one sumptuous bite! And Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries are a sexy way to celebrate the body-skimming dresses that will premiere tonight - sweet, tart and chocolate. It's almost too sinful!

Buy yours here. But don't forget the Clodhoppers! These delightful fudge and graham wafer clusters are delicious, yet incredibly light. There's Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge and Dark Chocolate Fudge - little bite-size pieces of heaven that you can eat and not have to take your eyes of the screen! There goes Angelina and Kate and Beyonce...

The Cocoa Room

When you're celebrating the Oscars, you want to add a little glam to the event. And there's no easier way than The Cocoa Room's chocolates - nuts and chocolates in pearl balls of every colour imaginable with an incredible variety of mixes available!

Not only do they look gorgeous on any surface (you could scatter them right on the countertop like confetti, foregoing bowls and platters altogether!), but they are a seductive mix of flavours and textures. I don't think I have to tell you that I put the bowls out and less than 3 days later, the bowls were empty vessels. We hoovered them up, with only brightly stained fingertips as evidence.

I got the X-Mas Eclectic Dragee Mix, comprised of red and green almonds, red and green pistachios, gold marble almonds, silver marble almonds, toffee and sunflower mix, as well as the Hot Hot Sunflower Dragee Mix with violet, red, orange, green, baby blue & yellow sunflower seeds, but there are many, many mixes available.

Choose your based on your favourite nut, colour or holiday combination and see how pretty chocolate can be!


34 Degrees Crispbread

Sometimes crackers can overwhelm what you're putting on them. Often times, they are too heavy, too thick or too rich.

Not 34 Degrees Crispbread. These ethereal crackers are wafer thin, yet not so delicate you can't put stuff on them and they are full of flavour! Perfect for hosting a little party such as tonight's, or simply for an amuse bouche before dinner or to share cheese with as an aperatif.

There are 4 varieties. I got Sesame and Rosemary, both so good that we ate right to the bottom of each box (though friends and family certainly helped)!

We served them with jams, cheese, pate, cured meats, humous and various dips, spreads and chutneys. The thin cripsness brought each ingredient into the spotlight while adding a hint of savoury flavour just underneath it.

These all-natural crackers/crispbread are made without oil and are perfect on their own or with the topping of your choice.

What an elegant - and tasty! - way to celebrate the stars and their accomplishments!

Stephanie Dickison

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