Corazonas Heart-Healthy Tortilla Chips Lower Your Cholesterol! Really!

I know what you’re thinking – tortilla chips that are good for you must taste awful.

Well, I’m here to tell you differently.

We tried the Original, Jalepeno Jack and Salsa Picante Corazonas Heart-Healthy Tortilla Chips and all were mmm, mmm good.

I had my favourites though – Salsa Picante (mmm – spicy!) was the best, and Original came in at a close second. I’m not a cheese lover, so my fella brought the Jalepeno Jack chips to a friend’s place and they were a hit! I can’t wait to try their other two flavours – Margarita Lime and Cilantro Salsa Fresca! Oh my!

So, finally you can have a healthy snack that tastes good!

These chips are “clinically proven to lower LDL cholesterol (aka ‘bad cholesterol’) by up to 15 percent and are crafted with whole oats, fiber and plant sterols.”

They are cholesterol-free, trans-fat free, low in saturated fat, all natural and are low in salt when compared to other tortilla chips.

So I’m keeping them on hand for having alongside my famous Southwest Chili, chicken corn soup and heck, just for fun.

‘Cause I can and because it’s good for me.

Huh. I never thought I’d say that about tortilla chips.

Stephanie Dickison

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