Rock Your Desk with Galison, myndology and Danna Bananas!

I am all about having pretty things at your desk while you work.

Whether you work at home like me, or at an office like most of the world, you should have things that please you and not just the requisite office products from the supply cabinet - because as we all know, there's nothing more boring than manila file folders and white pads of paper.

So here are a few fun choices that I think will make working a whole lot easier. But be warned - people may gather at your desk and fawn over all your cool stuff!

Stephanie Dickison
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It really doesn't get much prettier than Galison products. Everything is done in pretty designs and gorgeous colours that will liven up any desktop AND keep you organized.

One of the easiest ways to get all of those piddly papers up and off your desk is with a File Tote. They are superb because they come all sectioned off, so you just open it up and file away. But you don't have to then file files in a drawer - it's all contained in this beautiful, sturdy case, complete with a handle, so that you can take it with you or move it around your office where you need it, when you need it.

But be sure to keep it in eye's view, because really - it's just so pretty!

There are many designs to choose from. I got the Garden Party File Tote, which really makes taxes seem not so labourious anymore. And with 8 dividers and 16 labels, you can customize it however you like. I want to get a bunch of different designs and keep each one for a specific purpose - one for tax receipts, one for work paperwork, etc. Wouldn't that be fun, instead of hunching over a crammed filing cabinet?

Now that being said, in no way am I against regular file folders. In fact, I use them everyday. But here's my catch - they've got to look good! No plain folders for this gal!

So when I saw the File Folder collection from Galison, I knew I was in for a treat! Just look at all the designs to choose from!

I choose Happy Butterfly Day File Folders to help bring a little spring into the office (as it snows on a very gray day out my window). The design is based on illustrations by Andy Warhol and was produced in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

I love that you get 2 of each of the 4 designs and that the folders are different colours, so you can colour coordinate if you like or use the 20 labels included in the package. It's up to you how you wish to use them. But put 'em where you can see 'em! These are a definite day-brightener!

And to keep me on top of what I need to do every day, I'm loving Galison's Magnetic Note Pads. You can choose by purpose or design - or both! I got My Day Magnetic Note Pad, which allows me to see what I really must do each and every day, but doesn't overwhelm me with a whole page of tasks per day. Just a few must dos and once I check those off, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because everything else after that is a bonus!

Galison makes very functional, yet beuatifully designed products. Your office - at home or at work - shouldn't be without it.

myndology :: good thinking

I go through a lot of notebooks being a writer, but in casually surveying friends who have other careers I've realized that we all need nice places to write, to capture ideas before they disappear and to keep track of all that we have to do, want to do and maybe will do one day soon.

myndology makes really innvative notebooks and notecards that are sure to fit into your lifestyle, whether you write on the go or at a desk.

Take their Ring Bound line, for example. These cool little notecard books are made to be broken. I mean, you open up the ring, take off the cards and then put them back on in whatever order you like. Just imagine how this will help in outlining your next book project, school assignment or plan to move to a new house. You can organize your thoughts on paper and then organize those papers in an orderly fashion - brilliant!

I got the large (2.5" x 4"), which comes with 80 unruled sheets. This is a great little guy to carry around and because it's unruled, you can sketch, scribble and work out your dreams to your heart's content! Finally - brainstorming becomes a fun exercise! And I love the neon (2" x 3"), which comes with 5 neon colours - awesome.

The idea behind the Disc Bound line is that you can finally have a notebook that you can organize - without having to subject yourself to a unweidly binder. You can actually use your notebooks to journal and then reorganize the sheets to your liking. I have a friend who hates to start a new notebook because he worries that he will "mess it up." No more my friend, thanks to the Disc Bound Line!

I got the bare memo (3" x 4") that is perfect for keeping in my bag to capture thoughts on the go and to compile lists of things that I need. And I can feel good about using it because it's got recycled paper with soy ink.

And the bare journal (6.5" x 8.5") is just the right size for taking notes. I got a bare refill so that I can store my notes and use the same cover over again while never having to stop writing! Brilliant!

myndology is one of those lines that once you try, you simply can't live without.

Danna Bananas

While this site is not specifically for office products, I thought you should think about bringing something fun to your office.

After all, work is hard enough without having to have boring items on your desktop.

That's why you should have something like the Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion.

Not only will its squishy texture help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, but it will be quite the conversation piece around the office!

Butter mouse not included (just kidding).

Stephanie Dickison

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