Scarlett Greetings Makes Beautiful, Original, Eco-Friendly Cards That You Will Want to Keep!

The whole point of buying cards is to send them.

But when you get a look at Scarlett Greetings, do not be surprised if you want to hold onto them.

These wonderful handmade cards are made by Karen and Adam Coombes and others, and have great handmade, sometimes 3-D touches.

They are also eco-friendly, as it states on their website:

"All of our board is FSC approved with some being cotton based and printed using Soy based inks and green power. We use FSC approved envelopes and are changing over to 100% recycled where possible. We are also in the process of replacing our cello bags with compostable ones."

There are many collections to choose from, each with their own distinct qualities: Bella - hand-drawn beauties with a touch of glitter, 4Fellas - stylish birthday cards for men, BiJOUX - a line of mostly whimsically-drawn shoe cards with sparkly bits, Japonica - Japanese paper cut into sweet shapes on white linen board, Catitudes - the perfect card for the cat lover, Apostrophes - featuring uplifting and funny quotes with stitched detail and colourful die cuts, and Blooms - gorgeous, colourful cards featuring modern floral designs.

I got a Blooms Thank You card to send to my friend Victoria for spending the evening with my last week, the Accelbrate card from the 4Fellas collection will be saved for my father-in-law's birthday (as he rebuilds cars and will just go crazy over this one) and the Japonica Happy Birthday cat went to my neighbour Allana, who remarked on how lovely it was. The Apostrophes quote card, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" will go to a friend going through quite a transition and hard time and the Bella lady swathed in jewels? She's going to stay on my desk a little while. I'm not ready to give her up yet...

See what I mean? Gorgeous cards that you're going to want to hold onto!

Check out the entire line here and get two of each - one to keep and one to give away. Trust me on this...

Stephanie Dickison

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