Simply Organic's New 4-Piece Colour Care Kit Keeps Your Colour Treated Hair Looking Fab!

I have been colouring my hair since I was 13.

I started with Sun-In and found my way to boxed hair colour, which I've been using ever since. Needless to say, my hair is always in a fragile state from the constant colouring and bleaching process (and even more so since I have switched from blonde to redhead to raven hair and now back to blonde these last couple of years).

I have tried many colour protection products in my day, but never before have I found an organic one. Until now.

Simply Organic has created a 4-piece Colour Care Kit that will take your overprocessed, dried locks and transform them into the hair that you had before you became a blonde/brunette/redhead.

Each product has been created to work with the others in the kit. They protect your hair colour while rebuilding your hair's strength, health and shine.

With regular drugstore shampoo and conditioners, I find that I can feel my hair becoming even drier while still in the shower. With Simply Organic's Moisture Rich Wash & Rinse, you can feel the difference almost immediately. Your hair feels clean and cleansed, but by no means stripped of its natural oils. Thanks to ingredients like olive leaf and papaya fruit extracts, organic honey and essential oils, your hair feels nourished and protected - and with natural, sulfate-free products to boot!

The Retreat Colour Therapy Treatment helps to protect your colour and give it the life that it's been lacking all these years. And with the addition of Wheat Amino Acids, it will help repair your hair without that awful buildup that usually accompanies treatments for hair.

And the Rejuvenating Sealer is the perfect way to seal in your colour and shine, while prventing fly-aways and unwanted poufiness! Detangle, smooth and moisture with one easy application.

Apart from how well the kit works, it is nice to have products such as these that are simple to use, smell amazing and allow you to protect your hair without having to resort to harsh chemicals that fill salons and aisles at the drugstore.

You can have beautiful hair naturally. And no one has to know that your colour isn't...

Stephanie Dickison

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