Whomi Organizes Me Each & Every Year Without Fail!

Each year, at about this time, I go and get myself a WhoMi.

Last year, I raved about their collection, and this year it's even better with new designs, notebooks and so much more!

I love WhoMi because it is a system that as long as you write things down, you cannot fail. It does the work for you.

I love it because it colour codes everything so that I can immediately group and see my items without having to spend time with 3 highlighters myself.

The Clarity Agenda allows you to view a week at a time and to track either multiple family members all in the same view or use it to plan projects, events, goal set or plan out your extra-curricular activities.

There is also a monthly planner that is included to be used in tandem with your weekly one. Although these are compact, there is still enough room to write what you need to - thank goodness. How many pocket/purse sized planners have you bought only to find out that you can only fit initials and acronyms into and then a week later you are wondering what PJYSDA is at 4 p.m.?

The agenda comes in 2 sizes and both are small enough to keep in your purse.

You can choose from an array of fun, vibrant graphic design covers and a sturdy vinyl cover is included to keep all of your information safe and sound.

And if you're the type to go big or go home, then 2009 WhoMi On-the-Wall Family Calendar is for you. It's got the same setup, just way bigger.

And if you want something really small, then the MiniWhomi is the perfect thing. How cute is that?

And if you don't want to go through the website searching for different items, get the Here's WhoMi Collection, that includes everything you need without any muss and fuss! Isn't that nice? Someone doing the thinking and organizing for you? I think that's just about the nicest thing...

For the ultimate in organizing all those little pesky things that you have to do, look to the WhoMi ToDo Collection. They are fun and colourful and one of the most unintimidating ways to stay on top of it all - it is one long spiral bound pad that is divided into different desginated sections, separated by pad and colour, so just write on the appropriate one and then tear off to take with you. How easy is that? And there's something for everyone:

The Me You You Too Pad allows you to keep in touch with family members, friends, loved ones and colleagues, while the Shop Call Do Pad keeps you doing what you need to be doing and where to do it - fantastic!

For those of you who really need to separate the office from home, the Home Work Play Pad is perfect. My favourite though, is the Everyday Pad. It is my one and only, my go to guy and my saving grace. These tiny little lined, coloured pads each have the name of the week on them, allowing me to compartmentalize my day the way I need to. I love these so much that I want to buy one for everyone I know. They are simple a wonder.

And for a great all-purpose Notebook, get the ones from WhoMi. You can get them with lined, blank and/or graph paper - 75 pages to each notebook. They have different colour combinations no matter what style of paper you are most fond of. All are color-coded and separated into three distinct sections.

You can read about WhoMi and learn more about the people (Nina Korelitz-Matza and Gail Auster) and ideas behind the product.

But know that these products will change your life. And it's dead simple. Just write it down in the spaces provided and then do it.

That's about as easy as it gets. And you'll be oh-so-stylish while you're doing it to boot!

Stephanie Dickison

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