The New Sony Ericsson Z750 is So Swank and Includes Video Calling!!

Mmm. I have long loved Sony Ericsson phones. There is something so tactile about them. And they have always been known for both their style and their music and video capabilities.

So when the opportunity came up to try their latest edition, the Sony Ericsson Z750, I screamed, “Hell yes,” and then jumped up and down a little.

What was surprising when it arrived was that it wasn’t the classic “slider” design that I so closely associate with the Ericsson, or as my friend Jonah describes it, the “fridge” look. Sony has made a bold move with this change, but don’t worry – it still looks smoking’. Just this time, it’s like a rounded silver mirrored bullet with the time and date emitted via a soft LED display. So hot!

When you get a call, your phone lights up! Now why didn’t those other guys think of that? What a great feature!

The keyboard feels good underneath your fingertips, making calling, texting and emailing a joy.

A feature that I haven’t seen on many cellphones yet is Video Calling. It is so super cool and easy to use! Even my friend who doesn’t own a cellphone was able to figure it without instruction. My fella and I were able to call one another, hit “Video Call” and talk to one another and see each other wherever we happened to be. What a fun feature! Can you imagine a girl’s night out with this? Or if you were away from your loved one because of travel? What a difference this would make!

And it gets even better! With the Z750, you can get RSS Feeds right to your phone, so you’re completely up-to-date with current events and what matters most to you right now. You can post photos to your blog right from your phone, check that restaurant review right online and see your email arrive in real time. This is truly a phone that connects you and keeps you connected.

Watching videos and listening to music is easy, thanks to the integrated media player. And because of HSDPA, your download speed is insanely fast. You can download large files and email attachments in seconds! Honestly, you’ll have a hard time going back to a “regular” cellphone after this kind of pampering. It’s c-r-a-z-y fast!

And let’s not forget about the camera – fantastic. I love how quickly it snaps photos. You don’t have to hang in place, waiting for it to capture the scene. Just click and go. Amazing.

This built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder has dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features, making it one of the best you’ll ever use. I even made some pretty great videos with this phone.

And one of those small things that actually is a big thing, is yet another thing that sets Sony Ericsson apart from the rest. Included in your box is a little snap-close grey case for your phone. Now I know this shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is.

You’ve just bought this sweet phone with a sexy finish – you don’t want it to get scratched, but you’ve got to set up the phone and get groceries and make dinner. You don’t have time to shop for a case. In fact, it might be next week before you have an hour or so to find one you like. So what ends up happening is you spend a chunk of change of something ugly, thick and black that is “good enough” until you find something more fashionable.

Getting this sweet little grey case is a life-saver.

If you’re thinking about a new phone, think about the Sony Ericsson Z750. It’s got all of the above, as well as room for a memory card, Bluetooth, games, sound recorder, speakerphone, calendar and phone book, to mention just a few more features.

It totally rocks AND looks great.


Stephanie Dickison

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