Driscoll Design Makes Divine Paper Greetings - Cards, Notes, Invites, Matchbooks

Beautiful cards and notes that are also environmentally conscious.

You've gotta like that.

And like Driscoll Design I do!

There is a certain whimsy to their designs and I love how colourful and yet so delicate their aesthetic is. It is very feminine, with a touch of grace, I think.

First thing you'll want to do is get their Desktop Calendar, which is perfect for at home in the kitchen or bedroom or at the office. It is made on premium 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed using soy-based inks. The CD case allows you to view the dates clearly without taking up too much room and the images will brighten up your day AND cubicle!

You are going to want one of these every year!

One of the most unique products they carry are colourful Matchboxes with the sweetest little hand-applied sparkle accented vignettes - birds flying to a flower blossoming nest, paper lanterns swaying in the breeze, "Merci Bien" with dots of silver, a snail rsting atop of a large mushroom, and hot air balloons casting off near the Eiffel tower!

These really are the most beautiful matchboxes I've ever seen! They are printed on both front and back and the match tips are colour coordinated with each box.

As soon as these arrived on my doorstep, I donated my "regular" matches for lighting candles to a neighbour and now proudly display a box in my kitchen.

Trust me - you won't want to use plain ol' matches after seeing these. These making lighting the candles a little extra special each and every time!

Mongrammed Cards are another classy item that you won't want to do without. Each set comes in a vinyl wallet, topped off with colourful ribbon. What a nice touch! And the paper is heavyweight (and recycled, of course), so you can send these with immense pleasure, knowing that the recipient will know that you are sending a personalized, yet high quality card.

And talk about great cards! Each card is on heavyeight recycled paper, has hand-applied sparkle accents and a colourful, matching envelope.

The beautiful birthday cards I got depict a bubblegum machine, a colourful greting, an orange cupcake, and a happy circus elephant! And what better way to wish someone Happy New Year than a sparkly, fireworks-filled Eiffel tower? I love the Victorian birds in a cage blank card, the Welcome Baby card with a whimsical mobile, the Just Married card with birds on a branch, the I'm So Sorry card that you hope you'll never have to use, and the You Make Me So Very Happy Card with celebratory pinwheeled lollipops that I'm giving to my fella as soon as I finish this post.

There are way, way, way more cards - really, for every occasion you can think of - available, so you should check out as many as you can.

Stuff this beautiful should be shared as often as possible.

I'm off to go get stamps right now...

Stephanie Dickison

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