Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin and Hair Cream Really is a Miracle Product!

When a product lists LOVE as one of the ingredients, you have to wonder whether it’s for real or not.

But Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin and Hair Cream is all that it claims to be - and more.

The ingredients are incredible simple - olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and uh, love – but the results are simply astonishing.

This cream, which looks and feels like vaseline, but is less greasy, takes on whatever problem you have and fixes it.

It is a little unnerving to see something work this well. I mean, we’re so used to product claims that do live up, so when they do, it really does feel like some sort of divine miracle.

And as you’ll see on their website, the cream can be used for really anything.

I smothered my feet in it before wearing sandals for the first time this season to prevent blisters. Not only did it prevent blisters, it made my feet incredibly soft and shiny. My feet had never looked this good before!

And then, hours later, I was in a restaurant and shaking hands with different groups of people, and ALL OF THEM told me what soft hands I had. Never before has someone said that, never mind 4 different people.

It was then that I knew there was something mighty special about this cream.

So one night before bed, I slathered my face in it. I was worried about waking up with a greasy mug, but instead I awoke to beautiful, creamy, clear skin!


And according to the bottle, it can treat bruises, burns and really, anything you can think of.

I’ve been using it on my lips (fantastic!), hands (no more cuticles and the softest skin) and today, I’m putting some on my hair before going out.

Egyptian Magic is one of those products that once you find out how amazing it is, you hold onto it for dear life and never let it go. It is an all-in-one miracle cream that suddenly you can’t live without.

Maybe it’s the love in the jar, who knows. But all I know is this stuff ROCKS and you won’t believe how much until you try it for yourself!

Buy yours here.

Stephanie Dickison

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