3 Solutions for Your Electronic Needs from Proporta, Driinn and Replug!

My cellphone (smartphone, actually) and mp3 player are 2 of the most important items in my bag. I don’t go anywhere without them, but they require attention and care like anything else.

So I have found 3 solutions to your cellphone and mp3 player needs. Things that instantly help you do what you need to do.

Because life is busy and we can use all the help we can get!

Happy Saturday!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor – the knack


When you charge your cellphone, do you leave it on the floor beside the bed or in that awkward little spot between the bookcases? What about your iPod? Is it charging on the bathroom floor like I saw at someone’s apartment once? Ech…

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder is made of a special mix of plastic and rubber, that gives ensures your phone, PDA or mp3 player won’t slip and will hold securely while it powers up.

I love that it takes it off the floor and keeps it safe and that you always have somewhere to put it now!

Ahh. It’s a little thing, but it’s an awfully nice thing…


Have you ever been at your computer and listening to tunes or walking and listening to music and all of a sudden, your cord snags on something and you practically rip your ears off as your earphones come flying out?

Now you can get the Replug Breakaway Audio Plug that allows you to listen to music (using any 3.5 mm audio jack) and if it does snag and has to come away from the player, the Replug detaches from itself, saving not only your ears, but damage to your device.

Now you can listen with ease or rock out with full air guitar arms (and tongue, for full on effect) and not worry about your plug coming out!

Now I dance around to my heart’s content and rock out wherever I am. What a feeling!!


I have written about Proporta before because they have a solution to every electronic problem and need you could possible think of.

And how about this?

Their Dual Power Car Kit allows you to charge your GPS, iPod, mobile phone or any other USB powered device!

That means you can take a road trip and know that your devices will keep up with you! When we went to Cape Cod last September, we used a GPS system and boy did it save us a bunch of times – I’ve never seen so many roundabouts and curved roads!

The last thing you want when you’re travelling is for your GPS to run out of power.

That and your cellphone.

And guess what? The Proporta Dual Power Car Kit allows you to charge UP TO TWO devices at the same time all out of your car’s cigarette socket!

Oh my!

The kit also includes a wide range of cables and connector heads for your different devices (if you find that you need a head that’s not included in the kit, check their list – you get one free!), anti-theft GPS stickers and a reversible drawstring bag to keep everything together.

Fanfreakingtastic, wouldn’t you say?

Stephanie Dickison

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