The Most Exhilerating Computer Accessories Gift Guide Ever! Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my Computer/Electronics Gift Guide! There's more to come later in the week, so check back in!! Tomorrow I'm offering something different, just as a nice change from the week's offerings thus far.

Enjoy, and Happy Tuesday!

Stephanie Dickison
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Car Lighter Laptop Charger

Have you ever been in the car and either wanted to access something or your computer, or, if you’re the passenger, work on something during the drive, only to find that your laptop has run out of juice?

That’s why I was thrilled to find this Car Lighter Laptop Charger.

While I love my sweet little laptop, the battery time on it sucks. So this device is a complete lifesaver for me. And this high power DC adapter also feature overload and short circuit protection to protect it from damage, which I truly appreciate it. My life is on this thing.

The adapter is quite small and light compared to others I’ve seen and tried and comes with eight tips to work with whatever laptop you have.

Now I can use my laptop while in the car without worrying I’ve only got 17 minutes to access the information I need.

That’s a true gift!

Cool Feet

I wrote about these guys a long, long time ago , but my love for their Cool Feet and Cableyoyo continues!

And this holiday, they’re offering both for an unbelievably cheap $19.95 for BOTH! Check it out here and get a whole whack of them for you and your friends!


With all of our computers and accessories, it’s getting to be a little crazy up in here.

My guy has an Archos and I have a Zen. He has a Samsung phone and I have a HTC TyTN. He has a tablet and I have a laptop. And it continues…

So we can’t share cables or cases and truthfully, some of the stuff we have can be hard to find accessories for.

That’s why I looove Proporta. They have

Proporta has been designing and manufacturing PDA Cases, Smartphone Cases, MP3 Player Cases and iPod Cases as well as providing PDA Cables, PDA Screen Protectors, PDA Accessories over the past 10 years. They also offer serial and bluetooth GPS Solutions, bluetooth keyboards, Smartphone Cables, Blackberry Cases, iPod nano Cases and many more mobile device accessories.

Thank goodness.

Do you know how hard it is to find cases for my fella’s Archos?

It plays videos, music and records stuff off the television like a VCR. It’s pretty fantastic, but they’re not as common as iPods, so finding stuff for it was impossible!

Not being able to find something on the market, he actually fashioned together a case for it out of a loose tea tin, some Styrofoam and our amazing camouflage duct tape that not only works, but looks great.

The case worked, but the Styrofoam inside was crumbling and the outside was getting pretty beat up.

That’s when I looked to Proporta.

They make a case for everything and even have one for every generation of Archos. The Aluminum-Lined Leather Case not only protects it, but it looks great and fits to a tee. The quality of the leather is fantastic and I love the white stitching detailing. There are 2 small pockets on the interior and it is even able to mount on your car for GPS and car audio systems.

The case features their trademark Screen Saver System which “uses a sheet of rigid, lightweight aircraft grade Aluminium to line the Case, protecting your delicate device screen from crushing and impact shocks.”

Just what my guy was looking for.

And as an added bonus, I found him an advanced screen protector that will protect it from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

It fits beautifully and goes on smooth – no bubbles or breaks. It’s like a contact lens – you don’t know it’s there until you look closely around the edges to see a slight edge.

And then there’s me.

I got to try out a couple of smart phones and fell in love with the HTC TyTN. It allows me to write and work on the go, without having to lug a whole laptop to my meetings, events and restaurants.

And while I looooove it, it’s not mainstream like the RAZR or Blackberry, so finding accessories for it has been extremely difficult.

But I needn’t have worried. Proporta of course had exactly what I needed.

I got 2 cases for it because the case that came with it is meant to be worn on your belt and well, I’m just going to say it – I’m way to cool for that action.

I too got an Alu-Leather Case for my little guy. It is fantastic as is the Aluminum Case. I like this for protecting my TyTN and when I don’t want to use a case with my device, for either convenience or space issues in my bag!

Proporta has great customer service – when my items arrived, there was a packet of tea enclosed. And they offer a Never Argue Guarantee and Lifetime Warranties on their items.

They do all of that. I know companies where I actually visit their store and I don’t even get that kind of service.

Proporta is my kinda people!

Stephanie Dickison

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