Feet on the Table

I love gadgets - it doesn't matter what for. I'll take them in the kitchen, for my electronics, even for my desk. Whatever little thing that I can get my hands on to make my life easier, I will snap up and integrate into my little world. And usually, the damn things are pretty cute to look at as well.

Cool Feet are no exception. These are sweet feet for your laptop that allow it to breathe – and not overheat. They stick to the bottom of your computer and come off should you need to move it or travel (it comes with a travel pouch). They work as a suction cup does, so you don’t have to worry about permanent damage to your it-cost-as-much-as-a-used-car machine.

And to top it all off, the people at Blue Lounge were really thinking when they decided to show off Cableyoyo’s Pop, the easiest solution to your mp3’s earbuds. Check it out for yourself and don’t forget who went and changed your life. Of course, that’s my job.

And I'm happy to do it.

Stephanie Dickison

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