Imoeba Makes Gorgeous Earth-Friendly iPod Cases From High-Quality, Recycled and/or Reclaimed Leather !

I can’t remember where I first saw an Imoeba iPod Case, but I remember feeling that overwhelming sense of awe over both their vision and design.

I don’t know how they’ve managed to do it, but Imoeba has made the most stylish, yet oh-so-durable cases for your iPod. They come with a rotating belt clip, a strong magnetic flap closure and you’ll be able to access your screen, ports and click-wheel with great ease.

But that’s not the best part. It’s that they have come up with this leather that is soft, yet strong, beautiful yet recycled and/or reclaimed. The cases come in white or palm green – just gorgeous!

And it gets better – the packing is made from 90% recycled and/or recyclable paper and proceeds from each case go to Earth 911… “the nation’s premier environmental resource.”

I think that we’ve had enough of the plastic and silicone cases and it’s time we start reclaiming our world.

By purchasing the Alpine Nano and the Alpine Classic, you’ll not only feel better by not purchasing yet another plastic cover, but your iPod will look better too!

And if you’re still not convinced that eco is the way to go, read Imoeba’s Pledge to You. It is damn inspiring and makes me want to change everything in the way I buy things.

Check out where you can buy these Imoeba beauties and get yours now.

It just takes one step at a time to make a difference.

Take that step with Imoeba iPod Cases.

Stephanie Dickison

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