OPI’s Beyond Chic Softshades Nail Polishes Are the Perfect Start to Spring!

I am getting so excited about Spring (despite the dark skies and rain today)!

A couple of days ago, a restaurant owner told me his patio will be going up for April 1st and I can’t tell you how excited I am to no longer have to wear my winter boots.

Don’t get me wrong – I have rocking black leather high-heeled puppies that have lasted me 2 whole seasons of trudging through sleet, snow and ice – but man do I want to slip on my pretty gold sandals and blue peony heels!

But it will be a couple of weeks before we can switch coats completely and a long time before I’ll be wearing sandals, but in the meantime, I’m letting in a little sunshine and spring celebration by way of OPI’s Beyond Chic Softshades!

These 6 colours go from bright white to a rosy pink and are the perfect accessory for everything from jeans and a t-shirt to an out-on-the-town silver shift!

In the whites there’s She’s Golden, a metallic white with a lovely golden shimmer, Oh So Glam a pearly white, Time-Less is More a matte beige-y white (awesome look!), and Pearls Night Out, a silvery white that is tres luxe!

And the beautiful ballerina pinks are so feminine, so lovely that you will want to get them both! Makes Men Blush is a soft light pink and Kiss on the Chic is a couple of shades darker making it slightly more pink on the nail.

All of these polishes are incredibly easy to apply. Even for a schmo like me, thanks to their Exclusive ProWide Brush, I can manage to do a pretty good job on my own. And they have such a nice finish!

You might be tempted to buy the cheap drugstore brand because you think they are all the same.

You would be very, very wrong and your nails will not rock like mine do with my OPI Beyond Chic Softshades!

Stephanie Dickison

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