beautyADDICTS Makes Super Sexy Make Up!

beautyADDICTS is a fantastic cosmetics line that has created makeup that is not all about the runway, but is makeup that you can actually wear and look good!

They have “replaced the ‘seasonal color story’ with an elegant system of color families designed around the moods and attitudes of today’s woman – be it flirtatious, casual, professional or downright glamorous.”

There are 4 colour families – Glow, Express, Motivate and Seduce. These colour combinations will fit right into your lifestyle and you can feel confident knowing that they will look wonderful whatever shades you choose.

I love the SolutionEYES, which are 4 blendable eyeshadows in a beautiful pink pearl box. The shadows include 2 matte and 2 slightly shimmery so you can build you your look as you like. I got the MotivateEYES palette, which are sumptuous pinks, mauves and a deep burgundy that are perfect for this fall and winter!

And the EFFORTLESSEYES eye pencil in Motivate is so wonderful! I would have never chosen a soft plum before, but it really makes my green eyes stand out (why have I been using black and brown all of these years?!). It is so soft to put on and looks soft too – no harsh lines, just a subtle hint of colour that makes me look better than ever! Mmmm. I love it sooo much!

For the cheeks, I’m rocking the GLIMMERSheers, which are highlighters and lumizers for the eyes, face and cheeks. Each compact holds 2 shades – Glimmer – a softer, sun-kissed look and Sheen – a “crystal clear luminizer that hydrates and enhances glowing skin.” I wear Sheen every single day!

I love that you can look all glowy and dewy with just the quick touch on the cheeks and brow! I feel so glamourous and healthy when I wear them, which means, I’m practically living in them! Yep, I’m addicted!

And for the lips, beautyADDICTS have come up with some really incredible products.

I love the LusciousLIPS Lip Liner in Motivate, which isn’t purple at all, but a lovely, warm pinky brown that looks perfect on my pout! And of course, this isn’t any ol’ lip liner – this one has a new anti-aging, line-filling, “moisture-trapping” formula that will keep you look hot all day long!

RelationLIPS in Motivate is a lip palette quad with shimmery and matte finishes and a coppery, brown look that makes me look oh-so-sophisticated!

And the nicest, coolest lip brush I’ve ever seen is courtesy of beautyADDICTS. It is so small and sleek (think very thin gloss or mascara) and contains the LipCLICK Retractable Brush, which really, is a must for any makeup bag, wouldn’t you say? Just gorgeous!

I now understand why the company is called beautyADDICTS – I am hooked!

Stephanie Dickison

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