Come Fly With Me! Fantastic Travelling Bags from Helen Rae, Tom Bihn, Ame & Lulu and Filofax Make Packing Fun!

I love traveling.

The excitement about the impending trip, the packing and preparing and then the actual getting on the plane to leave your life behind and go on an adventure that will no doubt change your outlook and mood is overwhelming, but so worth it.

The only problem is travel gear.

If you can’t find suitable luggage that is comfortable and stylish, then it will forever be a problem and detract from your trip.

So I have sought out the very best in bags, wallets and luggage so that you can enjoy your trip in style and comfort.

Have a safe trip!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the knack


Helen Rae Carry-On Luggage for Women is the coolest luggage and so easy to use!

The Helen Rae Bag is only 10 pounds, has four wheels so you effortless get to where you’re going without struggling to pull your bag along, has a beautiful adjustable handle and has a pocket on the front for your laptop (this girl really thought of everything!).

She has even made the handles flat so that you can put your purse or tote on top without it sliding off. There is a pocket on the outside that you can put you must-haves in and have them within reach – something that is always helpful during the constant check ins and outs at the airport.

And here’s the best part – she has included REMOVEABLE SHELVES, REMOVABLE SUITOR AND HANGER, a plastic lined pocket for your toiletries and an expansion panel in case your shopping got a bit out of hand while you were out of town.

This bag has everything you could ever want in carry-on luggage. It’s pretty, organized and so easy to pull that you will consider taking one to the office with you everyday.

I don’t know how I got by without it thus far.

I will never be at the airport without it.

Tom Bihn makes the best bags for traveling.

The Aeronaut is a duffle/luggage bag made of durable nylon that can be converted to a backpack so that however you need to maneuver through airports, trains, cars and perhaps even camels, you can carry your belongings comfortably.

The main part of the bag is divided into 3 compartments – a large one and two smaller ones so that you can pack your shoes, pants and plenty of clean undies for your excursion!

What I love about Tom Bihn is that they’ve created Packing Cubes that come in various sizes and allow you to compartmentalize your belongings into toiletries, computer cables and accessories and whatever else you consider essential for travel.

The Aeronaut bag and packing cubes and organizers (look at the website to see them all – you’re going to want at least one of each!) is the smartest way to travel and stay organized.

Actually, it’s so fantastic, that you may just start taking it to the office, gym, cottage, etc.

Ame & Lulu

And for a bag that’s not only functional but pretty, may I suggest the Duffel from Ame & Lulu?

Although they specialize in golf, tennis and yoga bags, I am awfully fond of my Veranda Duffel. It is not only a beautiful travel accessory with its complementary brown and pink stripes, but a great everyday bag too. The durable material is great for any length of trip – be it a jaunt to India for a friend’s wedding or a little weekend getaway to the cottage.

If you’re going to travel, do it in style. And that’s easy thanks to Ame & Lulu.

I think I’m going to need one in every style - I mean, blue toile and nutmeg? Chocolate paisley?

Oh yeah. I’m gettin’ one of each…



So we’ve covered the bigger bags for your clothes, but what about beautiful bags for your computer, passport, wallet, etc.?

Filofax has created the most beautiful, lush leather bags that are comfortable to carry both on and off the ground.

The Finchley Collection is a group of bags made out of thick grained leather in the most beautiful colours – caramel, red, soft jade, vintage rose and of course, black. The Tote Bag and Slim Briefcase are stylish accessories to any trip and their soft look and feel is a nice change from all the sharp corners of most travel bags.

There are a ton of pockets in which to keep your cellphone, passport, wallet, etc. organized and the straps are adjustable so that you can make them work in any country and situation.

I got the Tote Bag in Soft Jade and it has quickly become my favourite everyday bag. It can really hold a lot and I just love the calm colour and soft feel!

And the Slim Briefcase is such a welcome change from the black nylon ones that everyone is using! I got it in Caramel for a nice hit of colour and even with my laptop and papers enclosed, it doesn’t look like a briefcase at all! It is a lovely, comfortable bag that has also become my go-to bag of choice.

And may I suggest the Bromley Travel Wallet from Filofax? This deluxe smooth leather black wallet has room for every card and piece of paper and identification that you need to have on you!

Many travel wallets are bulky and unattractive, but this one is sure to have you smiling even during times of plane delays and border slowdowns.

The Finsbury Travel Wallet is smaller so that you can slide it into your everyday purse and know that your passport and papers will be safely contained and organized. The soft-grained leather feels so good to the touch and comes in fun colours so if you’re tired of black, there’s cheery red, emerald and pink to brighten up your day!

Happy Traveling! You're going to have such a good time, and talk about traveling in style!

Stephanie Dickison

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