The Snack We Couldn’t Get Enough Of

It’s not often that I come across a product that everyone loves as much as I do, but when the case of Lesser Evil All Natural Krinkle Sticks arrived, my neighbours and I mowed them down like we’d never had a potato snack before in our lives!

Thank goodness they don’t contain anything artificial, trans fat, saturated fats, cholesterol and preservatives because all of us ate either almost or the entire bag in one shot!

These krinkly potato fries are extremely light and incredibly tasty. We tried the Classic SeaSalt, SourCream & Onion, Old School Bar-B-Que and Cajun KaBOOM!

Lesser Evil calls these their “Bent, Baked and Seasoned” snack and they were a hit with our friends and neighbours.

And though 1 serving is only 110 calories, most of us ate the whole box – 2.5 servings! – but it was totally worth it!

We all loved the Classic but each harboured a secret love for a flavour. I couldn’t pick my favourite, which was good because then I could love them all equally.

And you will too if you try them.

But be careful – you will probably not be able to control yourself. I know we couldn’t.

But thankfully, it’s not that bad for you. And you can console yourself by the fact that they have 75% less fat than regular potato chips.

Phew. Because I’m just about ready for some more…

p.s. They have popcorn too. Uh oh.

Stephanie Dickison

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