Beauty Can Be Had Just By Using Your Fingers!

A lot of beauty products are all about the application –sponges, brushes, swabs...

But jelly pong pong founder Susan Chyi “encourages women to use their fingers and partake in the intimacy of the makeup application process, which can feel aloof when using brushes alone.”

She created a line of beauty products that are not only high-quality and fun to use, but come in some of the most original packaging.

The products are small enough to slip into the tiniest little evening bag and are all multi-functional and manufactured in Italy, where some of the world’s most beautiful women live. It’s fun to imagine walking down a cobbled street on the way to a piazza while applying your lip stain and doing nothing more fascinating than going out to pick up the dry cleaning or catching the streetcar to a meeting.

I tried their lip sorbet that looks like a Lik-a-Stik and tastes like one too! It’s flavoured lip gloss that has a illuminating gold shimmer that is appropriate for both an office lunch and a late-night at the clubs! The Strawberry Jello colour and flavour is perfect for this hot weather.

jelly flush cheek stain is fun to use and the Melon Martini shade complemented my fair skin despite its bright colour in the jar!

If you’re looking for a product that will do both, then gloss bonbon is for you! It’s a multifunctional stain for lips and cheeks in two slightly different shades and fits into the palm of your hand.

Another dual product is the shoe palette – “shoe-themed for the very chic” – it contains a creamy eye shadow and lip jelly so that you can touch up at any time. And again, the container is so small, it’s smaller than my cell and my cell’s pretty small…

You can double up on your products with supermodel stain, a highly pigmented lip and cheek pomade, and either swirl your fingers through Venus Magical Pearls and highlight your face or crush the little beads and use as eye shadow. I liked both Aurora – blue-hued – and Ambrosia – golden sheen – and think they looked good on my skin.

In a beautiful copper pouch, you can pull out Omnibronze, The Universal Bronzer, which is both great for highlighting my summer tan and for the harsh winter when I get Nicole Kidman pale.

A box that you unzip contains teint sublime, the complexion cheater that gives you “gossamer radiance and a sublime lustrous skin tone.” Don’t let it’s light blue colour fool you – it makes you look fantastic!

There is a fair amount of shimmer to most lip, eye and cheek items, so if you’re looking for matte products, these might be too glittery for you. But I love the look of sheen, gloss and high shine. I need all the help I can get and highlighting products really help my pale skin glow!

And lastly, a beautiful pop-up box uncovers Gourmet Lip Therapy, a lip-nourishing salve with silken sugar. It’s made with sugar in Italy. Now that’s luxury!

This beauty line is so much fun to use and it feels really luxurious to get all glossed, glammed up.

Silky and glossy, glam and flossy - I’m a whole new girl.

Stephanie Dickison

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