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My circle of friends is very environmentally conscious and buying gifts for them can be tricky. Even making food and giving them leftovers is tough - I balk at handing my pesto chicken and pasta to them in plastic containers in a plastic bag like the old days.

So with some friends and neighbours celebrating birthdays soon, I went in search of one place that would satisfy their need for saving the environment along with my need for getting them something that’s cool and still fun despite its recycled packaging, organic products, etc.

I found it all at Kate’s Caring Gifts, where you can find “people and earth friendly gifts.”

There are gift sets, stuff for your baby, baby, home – basically, anything that you could need is here. And when I say anything, I mean anything. There’s even love oils and natural lubricants!

II have a lot of friends who are not only chocoholics but want good quality chocolate that does not use GMO’s and perhaps even organic. So in looking through the easy-to-navigate site, I found it all in Sjaak’s Organic Hearts of Cherry, a box of 12 dark chocolate cherry truffles ($8.65 US).

There is something very seductive to me about cherry and chocolate together. It is like a pair of black lace panties draped at the end of the bed or a squeezed hand under a table unbeknownst to anyone but you and him. It is romance and sex all jumbled together, but often the two are paired using inexpensive ingredients and the result is lackluster, leaving you wanting so much more.

Not with these. Not at all sweet and with a subtle cherry finish, they are sure to delight not only your friends and family. But you may just want to get a box yourself. Confession: I ate one a night for a week until there were only 5 left.. So much for giving them all away. I am wondering how many boxes to now order. I’m thinking 10 might just do it to start…

There are so many cool gifts at the site. The Bamboo Utensil Set and Organic Eye Pillows are just a few that I am going to stock up on. I would write about them all here, except I don’t want everyone finding out about their gifts ahead of time. And speaking of gifts, you get free earth friendly gift wrap (or gift box) and personalized gift message with your order.

I'm calling Kate's Caring Gifts my new personal shopper. Life has never been easier...

Or more earth-conscious.

Or more delicious!

Stephanie Dickison

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