Clean and Fresh as an English Garden

I expect an awful lot out of my cleaning products. They have to be hard working and make my surfaces, brighter, whiter and cleaner.

I have dark wood floors that I want to keep shiny and a white kitchen and bathroom that I want to stay that way. All of this in the midst of a whole family constantly tracking in dirt, hair and little bits of the outside world.

When I was a teenager and moved out to my first apartment, I tried natural cleaners on my counters, floors and bathroom surfaces. I was very disappointed and only had to clean them again with regular strength cleaners, filling the apartment with the smell of bleach and ammonia. Needless to say, I haven’t used natural cleaners since.

However, I saw Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products and felt that they had promise. The beautiful, text-heavy packaging is fun and harkens back to an earlier, simpler time. I went with my gut and tried her All Purpose Cleaner, Countertop Spray and Dishwashing Liquid.

Normally I clean the sinks, countertops and tub with powder cleanser with bleach and my kitchen and bathroom white tiled floors with liquid cleaner that smells like the ocean. I have spent years honing my cleaning routine and products and truthfully, I couldn’t imagine changing. It seemed pretty perfect to me. What could possibly be better?

I cleaned the counter and stove top with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Counter Spray which gave the kitchen a lovely lemony, fresh scent and I was surprised by how white it looked. I added the Geranium Liquid Soap to my sink and the smell of spring was in the air. Not only is it totally “aromatherapuetic,” as it claims, but it got my dishes squeaky clean. I am hooked.

I went to town on the bathroom and kitchen sinks and floors with soothing lavender All Purpose Cleaner. Not only did my place smell like an English garden, everything looked brighter. Surfaces gleamed and for the first time ever, the faucets weren’t covered in water marks and simply shone like an engagement ring. I was so impressed that I wiped a cloth dipped in the cleaner over my stainless steel coffee maker. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

I was working on my book at home that day and never has our home smelled so good. It was like having a bouquet of flowers in each room, but at the same time, not overpowering with heavy, distracting perfume. All day I inhaled heavily like I was at yoga class. I couldn’t help it.

Mrs. Meyer is the only other woman I trust to clean my house. And that is saying a lot.

She’s changed my world. She’ll change yours too.

And you’ll save a fortune on flowers.

Stephanie Dickison

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