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I am all about with big, pillowy lips. Never before have I noticed so many women with such thick, luscious lips. Don't believe me? Check out the always stunning Kathleen Robertson of "Murder in the First," and "Boss"; the perfect cupid's bow on Lindsay Price ("Eastwick," "Lipstick Jungle"); and the ample weight  of Gigi Hadid's pout.

And whether these are all natural or enhanced it's hard to say, which is a good thing. Because they look superb. After all, we've both seen those celebs with duck lips that are thin and flabby all at once, or taut and as hard as glass. 


But what about those of us who have regular or thin lips that want to enhance them? 

I've always be okay with my pucker until recently when I noticed my rosy lips had noticeably thinned, especially the top one.

Over the years, it had somehow shrunk and deflated while the rest of me filled out. Ugh, one more thing that needs serious improvement.

There are also lots of non invasive products such as lip plumpers, lip liners and other makeup to camouflage your lips. Until you wash it all off for bed. And then it's just you and your skinny lips.

You know me, I am low-maintenance, so my purse suddenly heavy with lip liners, and time spent reading articles about how to make my lips appear larger and then practicing the special effects, did not make me happy.

Look there's stuffing your bra, and then filling the cup out yourself - you decide which you want.

And yes, I could opt to spend my money and time on fillers, and other unnatural, expensive, and often painful methods, but they are temporary fixes - you have to keep doing them in order to keep up appearances. That's crazy.

That's why I went in search of something more without having to make an appointment, sit in a doctor's office, and be subjected to needles and other excruciating procedures.

It wasn't an easy quest, but after a lengthy exploration, I finally found a way to  get naturally fuller lips that stay that way, with just a few minutes of maintenance every once in awhile.

Say hello to your new BFF,  lazerfuzion.

lazerfuzion is the world's first and only at-home phototherapy device made exclusively for lips.

Why is this so revolutionary? Because previously, you had to make an appointment at a doctor's office for this non-invasive collagen &elastin stimulation. And it's not cheap either.

See, as we age, the production of our collagen and elastin in our lips and around our month slows down. This near-infrared phototherapy of lazerfuzion's lip plumping device boosts and stimulates the production of both with micro circulation, making your lips fuller - and smoother! and hydrated! - for an extended period of time, with a completely natural look (a wavelength that closely matches the colour of lips ensures that your kisser never pales or deepens unnaturally, and no duck lips), and 100% pain-free. 


This kit has everything you need: 

- lazerfuzion Lip Volume Phototherapy Device
- Lip Plumping Scrub
- Lip Primer
- Two 1.7v Li-ion batteries
- Battery charger
- Instructions
- Long, deep patent-look carrying and travel case

It's a cinch to use. Quick and easy and yet the results? Unbelievable. 

Use the lazerfuzion device 2-3 times a week to start for the first couple of weeks, and then just one or twice a week after that for about four weeks. 

Long-lasting results are now yours, as you will only need to reach for the device intermittently from then on, when you want a little added oomph.

There are just three steps:

1. use the lip scrub to slough off any dead skin 
2. Apply the device all across on your lips 
3. Put on lip primer.

- Lip Scrub

Okay first, don't skip this step, as it works in conjunction with the phototherapy.

The seashell pink hyaluronic scrub with peppermint oil and vitamin E doesn't seem to have a scent and feels amazing. Not too gritty that it hurts, but absolutely effective. Rubbed in a circular motion not only sloughs off any dead skin (having dry lips, this is aways welcome) and feels like an invigorating massage (how fabulous to incorporate this into my beauty routine - something I always should do but always bypass for other things.

- lazerfuzion Lip Volume Phototherapy Device

This pcoket-sized silver bullet is awesome looking. The stainless steel body has a nice weight to it, yet is the same dimensions as your lipsticks, so no extra counter space required.

A hollowed out top shines a powerful red light though it once turned on. Do not look at the light. Instead press the button as you place the device right against your lips.

You'll want to do it twice on one side, twice on the other on both your bottom and top lip (I like to concentrate on the top), the light comes on and will stay on for a full minute. Once the minute is up, the light goes out (no need to set your phone, there's a built-in timer) and you can move onto the next section. Press the button twice to turn it back on.

There is absolutely no pain, and no tingling or stinging (why most of us have ditched lip plumpers). The only thing I've ever felt is a warmth coming from the device.

I noticed a small difference in my appearance right away. Two weeks after I first tried it, my lips are still full and juicy. Four weeks after, they continue to be chock-full. The maintenance takes so little time and yet my lips have yet to shrink or de-puff.

- Lip Primer

Ooh, I'm not much of a gloss girl, but I really love this one.  

Filled with vitamin e, vitamin a palmitate, and sunflower seed oil and a subtle, warm and comforting scent, boy does it make your lips not only shine, but it highlights their new plumpness. It's slightly tacky in texture when you apply it, but it feels phenomenal on. I could get used to this. 


While you get to plump up your pretty puss, an unexpected perk is that this high tech method delivers deep hydration that you'll still experience days after you've used it.

And let's not forget about the smoothness. Having suffered from dry, chapped lips all my life and often feeling self-conscious in lipstick, this is a whole other level of joy for me.

My lips have never looked this good. And now they feel extraordinary too (don't be surprised if you stash of lip balms go untouched from now on.)

This feature alone should be of excitement to dry lip owners.


Revolutionary, innovative lazerfuzion makes your lips only as full as they'll ever be. There's a natural limit to how fleshy they'll get, so what could be more natural?

That is what I truly want outta my beauty products. To make me look like the best version of me, as natural as possible.

Without a visit to a doctor. Without expensive procedures. Without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. Without spending a fortune.

And a look that won't rub off along with my waterproof mascara every night.


Shop the must-have lazerfuzion now.

Stephanie Dickison

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