Hammered Heart Design - Covetable Custom Hand-Stamped Jewelry & Accessories for Modern Folks Like Us

Custom hand-stamped jewelry and accessories often falls into the rustic, folksy category. With their uneven surfaces and motivations quotes, I normally wouldn't give them a second glance. Then I stumbled across Hammered Heart Design on Etsy and fell for Jillian Diana's contemporary spin on the usually saccharine category.

Jillian creates each petite aluminum item by hand in her studio in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, so each piece is unique and custom-made. They are made in small amounts and new designs are added all the time, so you get something that is truly you, and won't be seen in every mall everywhere.

Hammered Heart Design is also incredibly affordable - especially considering all the intricate work being done (check out the detailing on the lamp!) - so you can shop for many pieces for yourself, and to gift them to friends, fam, and colleagues. I couldn't wait to share them!

From fetching to fierce, the line features all your must-have accessories: keychains, including the gemstone collection, and an adorbs bottle opener. And because you can never have enough jewelry (it's the same reason why we own 20 pairs of black shoes), you'll want to shop the delicate bracelets and necklaces. Love wine and/or dogs? Jillian's got you covered there as well with these tags.

You can shop for cocktail lovers, and even get as specific as bakersdentists and EMTs. All about druzy like me? You'll want the entire collection. Pendants and charms include insta trends like coffee, donuts, anchors, antlers, the gym, and WINE!!!, making it easy to stock up on gifts (you'll finally get your holiday shopping done early this year).

There really is something for everyone. But should you want something even more specific, you can customize various pieces including a round keychain, rectangular keychain, heart keychain, and cuff bracelet.

Here's a closer look at a few swoon-worthy pieces:

When I moved a few years ago, I simplified everything, including my keychain. Think about the last time you changed yours? I bet it was yeaaaaaaars ago, so naturally it needs a serious update.

It's almost impossible to find modern keychains and if you do, they cost a mint. I couldn't have asked for more in this one. It's everything I love - simple and minimal, yet still pretty and feminine.

I don't think I've ever met a sturdier keychain. The thick ring is tough to open, which means it will stand up to the constant jostling in your bag for years to come. Each attached piece -strapping gem and charm - is also mighty fierce. Finally a keychain that can stand up to the pressures of life!

The white and grey marble effect goes with my look and brand, but go ahead and choose your own colour. And the tiny charm with my initial surrounded by double triangles is def on point, and adds a subtle customization to the piece that I appreciate.

The on trend gem isn't just a pretty face - it feels so good in your hands. Next time you're rooting around at the bottom of your purse for your keys, you'll find yourself smiling at the little treasure hunt of sorts.

I can't get over the cuteness of this teeny coffee to-go cup.

For the caffeine lover, cafe goer and baristas in your life, this is an absolute must.

This one's going to my bestie Zoe, a pastry chef (the best!) at a popular west end cafe. She not only has a discerning palate when it comes to java; she works the espresso machine like a pro, making coffees for the city's creatives and elite (apparently Rachel McAdams' assistant picks up Zoe's incredible pastries on the regular).

Cafe lattes paired with penny-tiled floors and pointy flats may be all the rage now, but this keychain will last a lifetime.

Some folks find a place to live, furnish it and never really think about it again.

I, on the other hand, take in my surroundings and carefully curate them to suit my needs and taste. It's a real extension of me, and my home means a lot more to me than I think most people I know.

To me, that's the difference between a house and home. After moving a few years back into a space that was truly bare bones, I've created a home that I absolutely love and feel so good in. 

"Home Sweet Home" has a particularly special meaning now and this keychain - that comes with its very own key - reminds me of it. Of a house built out of love, passion and joy.

I can't think of a better gift.


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