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Sometimes you just know.

You meet someone for only a few seconds, but you know it's going to be forever - even if it takes months before you actually have your first date. Patience isn't always your strong suit, but they're worth the wait.

You can't describe it but you have this feeling, like an electric current guiding you towards a place or a task, to do a specific thing.

Call it instinct, intuition, whatever you want, but you know when something is right for you.

I stumbled across the Efva Attling website and I knew immediately she was for me.

Stockholm beauty Efva Attling embodies a sleek, modern aesthetic that's all at once elegant and unique. She's wildly creative - the former pop-singer (how cool is that?) designs jewelry, clothing, shoessunglasses, and accessories.

I had a sense that Efva Attling Perfumes would be up my alley, but I had no idea how perfect they'd be. Made in one of France's oldest perfume houses, Robertet in Grasse – a world leader in natural ingredients, everything is carefully designed and curated, and made with top-notch ingredients.

Even just the bottles - designed by Efva in collaboration with Pierre Dinand, have a timelessness about them yet with a decidedly modern edge. That edge comes from the caps, inspired by her jewelry designs. and the bottle is from an old signature stamp from the 18th century. The result? A perfect blend of old and new. Familiar, and yet simultaneously avant-garde.

This is what is so exhilarating about her entire fragrance line - each of the six scents are uniquely warm and feminine, but there's a vibrancy and energy that is decidedly modern and full of joyful ecstasy. These were made for modern folks like you and I, who still appreciate old traditions such as hand-written thank you cards and real books and magazines versus online editions. 

Perhaps this is because Efva's first scent Amor Vincit Omnia was inspired by her mother, who always wore Guerlain, a classic. Efva wanted her fragrance "to give a Shalimar warm aura," but she's captured that essence in each and every scent.

Here's a closer look at the entire collection:

- Twosome 

If springtime could be bottled, this would be it. Full of fresh florals, exuberance, and optimism, it's impossible to feel anything but happy and energetic when swathed in this captivating scent.

A vivacious blend of lemon zest, pink pepper, cassis, violet and black amber enchants, with a feminine soft finish. 

It's the perfect combination for those who seek a pretty, yet not meek fragrance.


There are moments in life that are like scenes from a movie. Not big dramatic ones. Ones where small details come into focus.

But it's these details that change everything.

Kaboom is all these instances pulled into one - A tennis court after downpour.  A pile of books set near a window as a cool breeze wafts in, curtain billowing. Two people seemingly just clinking glasses, but in the ether? Sparks flying.

This energetic scent has a fresh grassy, citrus vibrancy that is as compelling to wear as it'll entice others to draw in close. Angelica seeds and juniper berries fraternize with cedarwood and black leather, creating a boldly seductive perfume that's buoyant with youth, vigor and fresh dew.

Rose Petals

I've never experienced a rose scent like this before.

Created from the blue moon rose that's grown in Efva's garden for over a decade, it is completely original and unexpected  in its "rosiness." A soft, fruity sweetness from passion fruit, pomelo and asian pear adds to its appeal, while magnolia and cedarwood deliver a certain gravitas.

The result is an absorbing fragrance that's as warm as a Southern welcome and as one-of-a-kind as you are.

What's not to seriously love?

- Miss Butterfly

Named after the first song Effa wrote when she was a pop star (there's nothing she can't do!), you'll fall for the wildly riveting union of blood orange, lemon and fresia with notes of amber and green tea.

It embodies a youthful confidence that's refreshing and engaging all at once. But don't worry, it's still got the hallmark of significant sophistication and elegance, so you remain as irresistible as ever.


I think the last unisex scent I wore was CK One in high school. That's because the ones I've tried  in more recent year have overwhelming masculine notes of leather, tobacco and other dense ingredients that cloak any femininity trying to get through.

Human, however is sexy and alluring without ever taking sides. The spiciness of pink pepper is intoxicating while black amber sets the mood, evoking candles, and silk sheets entwined with warm lines.

This is the first fragrance I've ever tried with panna cotta, which delivers a subtle, creamy sweetness that balances the blend perfectly.

If Human were a person, I'd want be around them all the time. How lucky are we to have such an groundbreaking scent that embodies that?

- Amor Vincit Omnia

Inspired by Efva's mother, this warm enveloping scent is pure femininity and sensuality.

The spell-binding bouquet of jasmine, violet and tiger orchid teases next to cozy vanilla, causing a quiet frenzy. Of wanting and desire from those closest around you. Of a not-so-quiet confidence deep within you.

Amor Vincit Omnia draws them close. Then leaves them in your wake, always wanting more.


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Stephanie Dickison

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