PUFF.ME by Design.ME - Big Hair Don't Care

I have seriously voluminous hair. I'm talking Tina Turner wig volume.

The problem with my head o' hair is the magnitude occurs in all the wrong places. Big lady lumps bulge out right above my ears instead of at the crown. Mammoth swells creep up at eye level, make it appear that I've mistakenly used a rolling pin instead of hot rollers. Of which I used neither. In fact, I've been in battle with my locks, trying to flatten and straighten them since 7:23 a.m.

I had resigned myself to the fact that the only way my wonky tresses will ever look relatively normal is in the hands of a professional stylist or clip-in extensions to add height where I need it most. In the meantime, I would continue the daily battle to create substance where there isn't any and try to quash the ghastly misplaced balloons of bulk.

Then PUFF.ME by Design.ME arrived and everything changed. Now my hair's on point on the regular.

The bottle says it's a "voluminizing cloud mist." What the eff is that about? I'm barely keeping up with all of the new skincare rituals (splash masks anyone?), and I've just nailed dry shampoo, so I'm worried I'll screw this one up too.

I needn't have stressed. The weightless spritz comes out in an ethereal sprinkling, you'll wonder if you shouldn't be doubling up. No need lovely - it does its thing with minimal fuss, as each soundless pump releases the perfect amount of PUFF. 

The wet-yet-simultaneously dry powder spray is snow white if you put it under a microscope. Otherwise, it's inconspicuous. I don't detect a scent either.

And when you go to lift up your locks near the root, strands magically come together and create a perfect voluminous dome that not even an hour and a half of backcombing would produce.

It's not all beehives and bouffants either. Don't think you're stuck with just one look - PUFF.Me is versatile enough to take you from early morning meetings to after-dinner cocktails. Keep things crisp or muss them up for a sexy rocker vibe. 

PUFF.Me works on both dry and damp hair, fitting in  nicely with your schedule/lifestyle. And the tiny bottle's single pump is enough to keep my locks on lockdown, while two delivers serious swagger.

Used on its own or in conjunction with other styling products, you'll love how your hair looks and feels - professional without the styling fees. And no sticky residue - it's thrilling not to have to windyour fingers through gooey gel, mousse, or stiff hairspray and still achieve brilliant results. And because it has a dry matte finish, your mane looks natural, not lacquered.

In other words, it's all I've ever wanted - and then some.

Stephanie Dickison

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