New Estée Lauder Essentials - Everything You Need for Ravishing Skin

With skincare and makeup collections being so large and wide-ranging, it can be difficult to hone in on the necessities.

Whether your traveling this season, wanting to simplify your beauty routine or simply add fab new products to your collection, this trio of knock-out new products by Estée Lauder will do the trick:

In the deluge of face creams available, it's hard to pinpoint the best one. Start here. You won't be disappointed.

This multi-action creme takes your limp, dull skin that's dragging itself out of bed every morning and infuses it with energetic radiance, nourishment and hydration.

Thanks to their exclusive RevitaKey Technology featuring exclusive Moringa Extract, the rich creamy, silky cream boosts collagen and elastin, giving your skin a plump firmness, complete with a glowing finish. 

And you don't have to wait forever either. The power of this creme goes to work right away. 

So say goodbye to those pesky lines and wrinkles. Forget that you ever had droopy, lacklustre skin. Your aging skin just met its match. 

p.s. The oriental citrus floral scent is as captivating as the creme itself with top notes of mandarin and bergamot, floral notes of tea rose, jasmine, and violet, and  and evolves with bottom notes of vetiver, sandalwood, and powdery vanilla.

The road to perfect skin can be found in this single tool.

The all-in-one oil-free foundation can be matched at the counter to the exact shade suitable for your skintone. Look, I know you think you've been rocking the correct one all this time - I did too - but I was shocked by the shade that matched at the counter. I would have probably picked 2C3 Fresco but in fact, the perfect match was 10 Ivory Beige 3N1. Sooo not the one I would have chosen. Which goes to show that what we think looks good isn't necessarily what we should be wearing.

Thebonus here is that you'll look like yourself even with makeup on. Because it's buildable, go ahead and go as sheer as you like, or get up to medium coverage if you prefer. Either way, you skin tone will be even for once. It's a Christmas miracle!

The light-as-air liquid formula means you won't feel like you're wearing makeup at all. It also hydrates and delivers a radiance that lasts for eight hours. Making it even better? Soft notes of jasmine and rose give you an immediate lift.

Also setting this makeup apart from the rest is the innovative sponge cushion applicator that not only dispenses just enough, it allows you to buff and blend like a pro without having to use a separate sponge, and use only one hand if need be.  

Because the tube has everything you need, application is quick, easy,  and takes up next to no room in your clutch, tote, toiletry or overnight bag. 

And you'll know it's running out and time to get another once the applicator runs down and the clear window disappears.

Talk about seriously intelligent makeup.

This Estée Lauder Cleansing Balm suits both those who are diligent about removing all their makeup every night (like me) and those of you who aren't great at it (you know who you are).

The beauty of this gorgeous balm is that:

- It's easy to use: just slather a bit on dry skin and rinse off with warm water)
- Since you need little water, it is the ideal travel companion (with the exception of course you, my darling) 
- It removes all your makeup - yes, all of it, including all those 24-waterproof, staining, never budging products - and rids it of impurities and  harmful polluters as well 
- It feels so luxurious - it transforms into a rich, satiny, silky cleansing oil. It's like a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home/hotel room/etc.
- You skin gets a serious deep clean, yet none of the drying, ravaging affects that often accompanies it
- Your skin gets such serious infusion from the ingredients, you'll feel like you've got a deep moisturizer on already (which means if you skip any further skincare for the night, you'll still wake up flawless) 
- Even your eyelashes and eyebrows will feel nourished and conditioned.

I wouldn't dream of going to bed without it.


Stephanie Dickison

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