Knork Flatware - Elevated Dining in More Ways Than One

I've been aching for new flatware for so long now. Why? I realized that it's one of the least considered and upgraded tools in the kitchen.

Think about it: when's the last time you changed your cutlery? I bet it fell under one of these categories:

- when you moved out of your parent's house
- university
- first apartment/house
- when you moved into together/got engaged/married
- when you broke up/separated/divorced

Otherwise, we just seem content on using it without thinking about it much. It's just an instrument that gets food to our mouth.

Sigh. It is so much more than that.

I don't know if it's because I'm a home cook, a modern design lover, and/or a food + restaurant writer that makes me feel the importance of flatware in my bones. It's probably a combination of all three. After all, I carefully consider the flatware in the restaurants I dine daily in, especially when reviewing an establishment: How is the weight? Is it balanced well? Does the finish complement the rest of the plateware? Can I maneuver my fork expertly from appetizer to dessert or does it drag? Is the soup spoon a big enough size or too unwieldy for my Vichyssoise? When set on a plate or in a bowl, does the knife wobble or tumble? (you wouldn't believe how often this happens, and almost always in higher end restos.) 

After the end of a long-term relationship, when half of the apartment's contents were in a truck on their way out of town, I looked at the leftover cutlery and realized that I had long been over our slim Nordic flatware that we purchased together eons ago. I still desired sleek, modern pieces, but with more breadth and scope, and a little more vivacity. I had changed so much since then, so why shouldn't the implements I use multiple times a day?

I went in search for not just beautiful tableware, but effective flatware. With knives that cut smoothly, spoons with a deep enough bowl for everything from gumbo to Korean hot pot, and forks that could nestle food as aptly as pierce it.

I found it all in Knork Flatware.

Not only it is extremely visually appealing, it's designed to work for you, not against you like much flatware on the market.

There's so much to love about the design, I made a list:

1. First and foremost, I am besotted by the weight. Heavier than usual, but by no means heavy, each utensil feels blissful in hand.

2. This is also due to the supreme balance locked right into the design. It never tips or dips when it should be still, doesn't skip or pratfall onto the floor - or worse, your lap.

3. The smooth, contoured handle is a delight to have and to hold. It tapers at just the right places so that your fingers settle right in as if this were made just for your hands.

4. Forks and spoons both boast deep scoops that makes it effortless to softly gauge more mashed potatoes and pile Cobb salad efficiently and effectively. And that little dip at its nape? Deeply alluring.

5. Each piece possesses an elegant long neck that both serves to balance it as well as displays modern grace and beauty.

6. Ooh, the innovative beveled tines means that you can cut and spear anything on the plate with insane ease and just one hand. Which comes in most handy when you're deep into conversation. Or Netflix.

7. Once you start shopping around for flatware, you'll notice that some of the more attractive varieties happen to also be the most delicate and requiring special care. Pffft. I want beautiful AND durable AND low-maintenance**. I know that's asking a lot but Knork delivers with their high caliber 18 chrome stainless steel that's strong and built to last, and yet can be popped right into the dishwasher.

8. But I still appreciate the limited lifetime warranty.

9. As with all my decor and accessories, I take looks, surfaces and textures very seriously. Which is why admire the variety of finishes available - choose from High Gloss, Matte, and Duo Tone.

10. While the original Stainless Steel Matte Finish is undeniably attractive, I am moonstruck by the exquisite, glamorous and photogenic Black Titanium and Antique Copper Titanium (pictured above. They are downright sexy (have you ever said that about your current silverware?). Just as a necklace or pair of shoes can drastically change your outfit, these ravishing choices give your home table a restaurant-worthy upgrade. ) Flatware is available in a variety of sets, starting at just $16.99 so you can afford it too.


Do yourself a favour and shop Knork Flatware right now. Eating  has never been more pleasurable, dining in or out, whether you're eating leftovers or tucking into to high-end fare.

Uh oh. Now I need to get new plates. They just don't stand up next to these beauties.

p.s. Get the matching serving pieces and speciality utensils too. Something tells me you'll be entertaining a lot more now that you have these beauties to show off.

p.p.s. Knork cutlery and trays are simply stunning too. I've added them to my 2017 wish list.

p.p.p.s. Eating on the go? Grab their adorable, brightly-coloured plasticware.

** The only special instructions are: i) don't use dish detergent with lemon, as it tarnishes, and ii) as with your wine glasses, dry with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.


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