Halo Home by KWS - Fine Table Linens with Finesse, Charm + LOL Winky Faces

It's always around this time of year - an entertaining crux if there ever was one - that I remember that once again, I  forgot to go out and get nice linens. 


If only there were a place I could order gorgeous designs, perhaps even personalized, that would add polish and grace to my dinner table.

I came to discover Halo Home by KWS, headed by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman (Editor-at-Large of one of my all-time favourite magazines, Southern Living) and Jen O'Neal (of Halo Calligraphy). Their selection of fine heirloom quality monogramed towels, napkins and placemats not only add sophistication to my place settings, they make fabulous gifts (especially with such chic boxes).

Elegant collections of their European table linens include: Fringe, Ladder Stitch, Colour EdgeFretwork and Tassel, as well as cheeky Motif sets, Pocket Squares, and Gift Sets.

Check out a few of their stunning selections:

- The crisp linen Pagoda Guest Towel from the Fringe Collection with Olympia style monogram is the ultimate in elegance for visitors and houseguests alike.

The long towel (16" x 20") has a lovely heft and features breathtaking detailed stitching (that pagoda is divine). It's finished in a long tuft of royal blue and white that adds a festive cheer, whether it's simply Sunday supper or a special occasion.

[Fun fact: The fringe edging has been made to match Kimberley's favourite china patterns, so if you own patterns by Mottahedeh, Anna Weatherly, Herend, Versace, Royal Crown Derby, Raynaud, and Haviland, you now have perfectly matched napkins, guest towels, and placemats.]

- Your lap would be lucky to be draped in Colour Edge Dinner Napkins. It doesn't get much more luxe than these grand textiles. The colour edging allows you to match it to your decor and style (there are 16 to choose from so there's no doubt you'll find just the right shade) and you simply must get them monogramed. The regal Love is a Mist (pictured above) in two hues is rather debonair while Camelia imbues a more casual air. Either way, they are striking and sure to impress. 

Just because there's an assemblage of refined designs exquisite enough to please everyone from Grandma to Royals doesn't mean Halo Home doesn't indulge in its clever, tongue-in-cheek side too. Motif, which includes their Emoji and Buttonhole Collections, shows not just their frivolity, but an aptitude for plugging into the current landscape. Case in point: Yoga Army Men!

There are so many to covet. I am lusting equally between the fly Cool Chick Square Emoji Cocktail Napkin Set and awesome compilation of  Junk Food. I'm definitely going to need both.

The Monkey Emoji Cocktail Napkin Set is simply adorable. Who doesn't love cute, playful monkeys? 

And you don't have to be a cat lover to fall for the Cat Emoji Cocktail Napkin Set. The detailing and bright colours really make them pop. And on the fine linen, they're as beautiful as they are fetching.

If you know your way around emojis, the set of Romance Square Cocktail Napkins won't throw you. After all, you've totally got this: 1. lollipop + phone = sweet talk, 2. French flag + kiss emoji = French kiss, 3. puppy + heart = puppy love (aww), and 4. googly eyes + wrapped sweet = eye candy. Romance is always in the air with these on deck.

- It is perhaps the Relationship Status Cocktail Napkins (pictured above) that I love the most, for their originality, humour and beauty. The set boasts four linen napkins edged in dusty blue, complete with four impeccably embroidered situations, which either hosts or guests can set their current sitch to with a handsome silver corded cuff link knot (which one are you?). Not only are they well-crafted, they are bound to get the table talking (to really rock the boat get the Ballot Box Set).

Each emoji set is outlined with a natty drawn thread line border and features different designs so family members, friends and other guests can compare notes (and perhaps even exchange numbers). A meal to remember guaranteed.

What makes the Emoji and Relationship Status napkins all the more glorious is this: timeless luxurious linens are stitched meticulously, resplendently with well-loved emojis and up-to-the-minute romance standings. The juxtaposition of the two illustrates both fine elegance and loveable characters and phrases can live harmoniously side by side - not just with these items but with all things - and that those of us who are over 20 are still so on point. 😻  🙉   🙌 

Stephanie Dickison

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