Crush by Rihanna - RiRi's New Scent is as Captivating as She Is

While Crush by Rihanna is the first fragrance I've tried of the singer's, it's already her ninth and the second fragrance in the RiRi collection.

Talk about work, work, work.

Rihanna debuted her first scent back in 2010 and has been going strong ever since.

The Barbadian goddess's latest release is a transfixing mix that lures you in at first with sensual floral notes, expanding to reveal a hint of fruit, and then deepening into musks and woody notes. The result?

Bergamot, mandarin and pink peppercorn bring a fresh boldness to the mix. Pink rose, ylang and red berries add just enough sweetness to draw you in. And then musk, cedarwood and patchouli arrive on the scene and it's as if automatically the lights dim, a soft, slow beat drops, and your hips and shoulders start swaying, and the night of your life begins. Simultaneously romantic and drenched in sensuality, it's a heady combination that will hypnotize and mesmerize those around you.

The scent transforms from first spray to an hour later to late night. Like all great perfumes, it warms and evolves over time, loosening on the sweetness and building a deep sensual warmth that is utterly captivating.

Like her bang-on cover of Tame Impala's "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" (she calls hers "Same Ol' Mistakes"), it's impossible not to get completely enveloped and drift away.

And just like the woman behind the brand, the scent embodies wildly different facets. It's bold at times and others, it's subdued. Fierce and sexy, it's also sophisticated and quite polished. The dichotomy is as much an element as each ingredient on its own.

Crush is intoxicating and one of most complex scents, making it ideal for you and I. After all, we both have a number of sides and thus, looks. One night I'll want to be full of elegance and grace, and on another, I'll be in leather pants and bold lips. It fits in with our busy lives and all the different roles we assume in a single day.

It's confidence and sensuality encapsulated in a bottle.

And what a bottle. With soft, rounded corners, stretching into a long neck emblazoned in a rich, textured gold pattern, and topped with gold cap,  it's so chic, you'll want it to be in full view on your desk, instead of buried away on your bureau in the bedroom where no one can see it.

Tonight it's me and Rihanna on the town. And I've never felt so alive. 

Crush by Rihanna is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and, so shop now.

p.s. And just in time for the holidays, in addition to the regular 100ml bottle, there will be a limited-edition holiday gift set containing a 100mL EDP Spray, 75mL Body Lotion, and 6mL Rollerball.

Stephanie Dickison

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