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We are expected to drinks tons and tons of water nowadays. 

The pressure is on to always increase the amount of water we drink. But have you tasted tap water? It's just not very exciting.

There's bottled water which causes havoc on the environment, so that's no good, and then there's filtered water.

For years, one of the leading brads was one of the few filtering systems offered to consumers but I never liked the taste of the resulting water. And you had to replace the expensive filters often. No thanks.

So over the years I dabbled with different solutions. Just a few months ago,  I discovered MAVEA water filtration systems and it changed everything.

I happened upon a  MAVEA Elemaris XL Black pitcher at of all places, a garage sale in an upscale neighbourhood. It was still in the box and plastic wrap, the filter unused in a sealed bag, The whole shebang was just $5 so I thought I would try it. Even if I used it for just three months until the filter gave out, I would get my money's worth and then some.

Aesthetically it was pleasing. Developed and designed in Germany, it was big (it holds 9 cups of water!), had a wonderful ergonomic handle making it easy to lift and pour all that water and had little feet to keep my fridge shelf from scratches and slippage. The 100% recyclable, BPA-free filters were available at health stores nearby and were way less than that leading brand. 

It was quick and easy to fill thanks to the pour-through lid and an inexpensive water filtration system.

The digital indicator of when the filter needed changing didn't work (or at least I could never get it to) and it has some price sticker residue on the top where I couldn't get it all off, but it is was best home water filtration system I've ever used. It single handedly changed how much water I drink at home. While I might have had only one glass a day of tap water before, now  I'll 3-6 glasses throughout the day and more during these summer months.  I even fill up travel bottles to take it with me when I'm out.

So when I discovered the brand new MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Ooh, the new design is phenomenal. Mostly see-thru with black accents and sporty car curves, it holds 10 cups (even more than the original!) so you don't have to constantly spend time filling it up at the tap (soooo annoying). It still has all the great features of the first model: BPA-free plastic, pour-through lid, easy to hold handle, indicator for when to change the filter, rubberized feet, dishwasher safe.

I learned that their CCC Filter Technology targets the contaminants that affect taste the most, which is why I notice such a drastic difference between MAVEA filtered water and others. I can drink their water all day.

But wait - it gets so much better:

1. MAVEA has designed a MicroDisc the size of a compact that is not only filter 60 gallons/227 liters - 50% more than standard filters (lasting about 8 weeks) - it isn't plastic, there's no pre-soaking or black bits floating around the water like with other filters.

2. They've created a system of containers that use the same MicroDisc so you don't have to go traipsing all over town trying to get one for each vessel. Brilliant.

3. The MAVEA Water Filter Carafe is simply stunning. And what a genius idea. Ideal for meeting in the board room or just to have at your side at your desk, on the bedside table or  during a meal, this elegant and sophisticated bottle will help keep you drinking water all day long.

The slim container made of BPA-free plastic holds a whopping 5.5 cups, which means you don't have to keep getting up for refills (who has time for that?), comes with the MAVEA MEMO indicator lets you know when to change the filter (because I'd never remember on my own), fits in the fridge door (hallelujah!), and is also dishwasher safe. 

4. And because MAVEA knows that it's important to have water with you while on the go, they've created a Water Filter Bottle that uses the same MicroDisc as the pitcher and carafe. Now I can have fabulous tasting water no matter where I go for just pennies a bottle. Available with teal or purple cap.

I have had the luxury to try many filtered waters in my day, but nothing compares to MAVEA, so shop right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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