Good4You Plant Makeup - Dreamy Plant-Based Makeup Handmade with Love in Small Batches

As I strive to look more natural as I get older, it only makes sense to do that with completely natural makeup.

I just discovered Good4You Plant Makeup that uses local flowers and herbs to create their makeup, skin care + bath products. The plant-based makeup is lighter and gentler than what you're used to, acting like a natural dye and thus delivering a more natural look.

These ancient beauty secrets have been around for centuries, but Plant Beauty has created a beautiful, unique, fun and  modern line that fits in with our busy lifestyle. You can shop Plant MakeupSkin CareAromatherapyBath + Hair, Incense, and their fabulous Sets.

I am moonstruck by the aromatherapy oils that come in scents such as Meadow, Air, Island and Mountain; stunning incense cones in a variety of compelling bouquets; the Beach Rose Skin Care Kit; and various beauty products from oh-so-pretty Sea Foam Eye Shadow Powder to sumptuous Wild Rose Face Wash.

All ingredients are plant based, 100% natural (GMO-free) and either locally grown, foraged locally, sustainably sourced and/or certified organic. In each ingredients list you'll find "love" included. Everything is wrapped in upcycled, recycled, and/or compostable materials. Going even further, orders are shipped without invoices to reduce the amount of paper used and to reduce carbon emissions, all packages are transported by bicycle to the local post office!

It's impossible not to feel good and even smile while you're using these generously warm products.

Here's what I tried and fell in love with:

Plant Shadow Mascara

Have you noticed how clunky eyelashes look these days? It's all a bit much, especially for daytime. I want my lashes to look like my own, just a bit darker as there are lighter parts throughout.

So I am thrilled to discover this 100% natural, botanical and vegan mascara that conditions and moisturizes your lashes with fascinating ingredients including certified organic aloe vera gel, sustainably sourced kaolin clay from USA, certified organic soy derived vegetable glycerine from India, sustainably sourced activated charcoal powder from white willow trees from US, and purveyed certified organic argan oil from Morocco.

The formula is brown and smells a bit like chocolate. It goes on very wet so let it set and dry for a few seconds. Delivering a not quite inky black, but dark lash, your eyelashes look fabulous without a tinge of fakeness. Perfect for these hot summer days.

Because Plant knows you're pressed for time and strive to streamline your beauty routine wherever you can, go ahead and take it off with just water if you like.

And even though it's made with all natural ingredients, it's still got a six months to a year shelf life. Keep it in the fridge and it will last longer.

It's pretty much everything you could ever want in a mascara.  

A sheer shadow balm, eye makeup primer and dark eye liner all in one. Swoon.

It glides on whether you're doing a big wash across your lid or drawing a fine line along your lashes. And no wonder:  the first ingredient? Certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Add to that some cocoa butter, beeswax and activated sustainable charcoal powder from white willow trees and you've got yourself some seriously beautiful makeup that only nourishes your skin.

In recent years, I have become a complete tooth powder convert. Nothing whitens my teeth and makes my mouth feel cleaner.

This botanical tooth powder is handmade from - get this - locally gathered beach rose petals! How amazing is that?!

And it's so easy to use. You put a small scoop or two (scoop's included) on your wet toothbrush (you can sprinkle it on top of your toothpaste if you prefer) and brush as normal. The decadent blend is made of up of a variety of clays and powders, sun dried Himalayan pink salt, certified organic beach rose essential oil, and real beach rose petals. What a luxurious experience.

The delicate powder will look a bit brown on your teeth, so don't be alarmed. My teeth were instantly whitened from the first try, and have continued to gleam with use. The clear jar with a beautiful hand-painted rose on the lid by Founder Jes (which is why I keep mine out on the bathroom counter instead of in the medicine cabinet) contains even powder to last roughly 40+ brushings.

Instead of chemically-laden paste, you could be brushing your teeth with gathered rose petals  - the choice is clear.


Good4You Plant Makeup is one of the best all natural beauty companies I've ever tried.  Not only do their products work, they are filled with only goodness and love. It doesn't get any better than that,  so shop now.


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