Balance Me - One of the Hardest Working, Most Deliciously Fragrant All-Natural Skincare Lines EVER

Have you noticed British women have gorgeous skin? Look at film actors Helen Mirren, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, Judy Dench, and Julie Andrews. And TV stars Suranne Jones, Nicola Walker, Olivia Colman, and Amelia Bullmore (if you don't know who these woman are, you really need to start watching more BBC dramas on Netflix. You're missing out).

Balance Me is a stellar high‑performance natural skincare brand from the U.K. that focuses on well‑being in addition to results.

For over a decade, this unique skincare has been popular with Oscar-winning actresses and British Olympians, as well as folks like you and I looking for all-natural solutions in the fight against aging.

What makes Balance Me so enticing is not just that the products work, but they work quickly and boast sensational textures and scents (they have their own natural perfumer who specializes in essential oil blends - just watch as your mood gets instantly lifted).

It's also really easy to customize the products to your needs. Choose products based on your concern, fragrance, and even texture preference (daily cleansers, for instance come in a range of forms: oil‑based, cream, micellar water, wash‑off gel).

And there are no gross ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, DEA, PEGs, propylene glycol, artificial colours or fragrances.

The line is extensive, so below is just a teeny selection of what's available:

- Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser

Sure go ahead and use a cleanser that simply removes impurities and makeup. But why not fight the aging process by improving your collagen production  while you're at it?

As friend's and family's faces droop and sag as time goes on, yours will remain mostly in place.

This formula (pictured above) packs a powerful punch. In addition to anti-aging properties, it also hydrates, adds radiance and soothes your delicate skin.

I have only tried a handful of cleansers that you apply on dry skin. Usually it feels rough and uncomfortable, but hyaluronic acid, shea and mango seed butters, and a whack of oils (abssinian, bergamot camelia, frankincense, kukui nut, neroli, magnolia,  mandarin red, palmarose, rosehip, sunflower, and sweet almond) and extracts (aloe vera, blackberry, and rosemary) keep skin silky throughout the whole process.

And it's extremely rare to find a cleanser that leaves your skin this satiny smooth without having applied a scrub. Even rarer to get a cleanser that gives your skin such deep hydration and plumpness. I haven't even applied moisturizer yet and my skin feels phenomenal.

Not all cleansers allow you anywhere near your eyes. This one you can rub all over them (I opened mine mid-cleanse just to confirm - no stinging whatsoever) and it gets rid of all that caked on makeup. Even the truly stubborn stuff, saving you from having to have an extra on hand.

And the fresh seaside scent is exhilarating. Who doesn't want to start and end their day like this?!

Skipping a day of using Balance Me's Radiance Face Oil is like a day without sunshine. What a immense difference it makes.

My usually plain, ruddy face gets instantly brightened and nourished with just a few drops of this magical, transformative blend of oils.

A shot of hydration instantly quenches, while my skin gets plump and supple (where did all those lines around my eyes and mouth go?) and any redness and discolouration gets blended away as if an Insta filter was applied IRL.

It takes only two drops to change everything (thus the bottle lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r) and somehow the rich emollient blend of Vitamin E along with buriti nut, camellia, grapeseed, jojoba, moringa seed, Roman chamomile, rosehip, sweet almond, and yarrow leaf oils isn't greasy and absorbs right away.

I won't go a day without it.  

The heat and sunshine seem to act as a magnifier for pores and fine lines during these summer months. But there's no need to stress. Balance Me has got you covered with this amazing pore/line minimizer.

With a Satiny texture feels so good on and sinks right in, but that intoxicating floral scent lingers. And while you worry about your long laundry list of to-dos or scramble to try and finish that report or prepping dinner, your creased brow and crinkly lines smooth out. Those pothole-sized pores you've been walking around with shrink down to practically nothing.

What makes it so extraordinary is:

1. how quickly it works
2. how great it feels
3. that scent - Roses! Bergamot! Lavender! Ahhh....
4. it's done all naturally with ingredients such as acacia gum that lifts the skin, and acemlla oleracea extract that "relaxes muscle contractions to reduce depth of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing future signs of ageing." Who needs chemicals when earth's own ingredients do it all?

For years I have been applying eye cream, then makeup, then concealer. This stunner combines both in one product and yet, it doesn't stop there.

This under eye, dark circle cover upper uses cooling, soothing cucumber seed oil, which refreshes and hydrates, while ingredients including rosehip oil and arctic cloudberry seed extract go to work on protecting and treating that delicate area. And there there's that divine rose scent that floats and lingers.

It also works brilliantly as a makeup primer so eyeshadows and liners stay put, proving this eye cream really does do it all.


Balance Me is a knockout skincare line that you truly don't want to miss out on.

So shop right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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