Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil - Get Bronzed Skin that Glows for Days

Summer has arrived, and that means gorgeous tanned skin. And while this means coming by a deep, sexy glow naturally by spending time under the sun for many of you, I'll be getting my glow on by the bottle. Reason No. 1: I am pale so when I do get the sun, it's red and uneven. Not pretty at all. Reason No. 2: It's soooo much healthier.

This season, I'll be seen about town in Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil. There are so many reasons to love it. Ten in fact.

Check it out:

1. It's the world's only self tanner with built-in SPF 50 (this took a lot of years of scientific research and Vita Liberata scientists were the first to crack it), so no need to smear your just-set tan or have the additional worry of trying to remember to apply sunscreen before heading out the door.

2. Instead of lotions or mousses, dry oil means there's no waiting around for limbs to dry and the resulting feel and texture is smooth and nourished. You'll appreciate this big time now, but you'll really be thankful come wintertime.

3. The glass bottle has a tiny opening, controlling how much comes out, so you never get more than you need. This is fantastic because you don't need any big, dark brown spills happening anywhere.

4. The Tanning Mitt makes application quick and easy with the mitt and by massaging it in in circles. Because I'm so pale, I had to use way less and work extra in around my knees, ankles and feet to keep it from looking too dark.

5. No streaks. 'Nuff siad.

6. You get a shot of colour immediately and then it deepens over time (up to 10 days!), satiating your need to have things right this second, but also being able to wear white, pastels and any skin-baring item without embarrassment.

7. Not dark enough? Add a bit more. Buildable colour means you can customize the shade.

8. Boasting not just stunning colour, anti-aging extracts protect your skin against the ravages of time. Bless.

9. It's free of that noxious self-tanning odour of yore, as well as any parabens, sulphates, petro chemicals, silicones, harsh chemicals, alcohol, animal derivatives and perfume/fragrance.

10. You get hydration that lasts for a full three days. H-e-l-l-o summer!

Stephanie Dickison

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