CordCruncher -Tangled Earphones are a Thing of The Past

On the train yesterday I saw four people pull tangled earphones from their bags and pockets and spend the new few stations trying to unravel them so they could listen to or watch something.

Even me, with my perennially organized purse with everything in its place in a pouch, I still manage to get them all in a tizzy, wrapped around my key card and get it snagged in something. And then I become one of those people on the train, tying to elegantly unravel the Christmas light chain of cord, embarrassed and annoyed by my inability to control such a small item.

That all ended now that I've found CordCruncher. Instead of being an add-on to your earbuds, it's a whole system that takes headphones and streamlines them into a fun string that always, always, always stays tangle free.

What's so phenomenal is not just that you pull the cord to extend your headphones (up to 40"), and push inward to retract them (just 16"). There's no winding or hooking them to a contraption, no fussing - just in and out in a snap. And it's actually fun to do, not like anything I've ever associated with taking out or putting away headphones before.

The line features four colours - two darker shades (gun metal grey and cobalt blue), and two fun, vivid colours (glo green and poppin' pink). The soft, medical grade latex rubber tubing is so much fun to touch and hold onto. The sound is also spectacular. Rich and thumping with bass, I was rocking out (and yes, dancing) while on the way to a meeting. There's also a version with built-in microphone because you're not about to miss your calls.

Should you want something a little more in-depth, shop the Mel B Signature Series, by the Spice Girl and America’s Got Talent judge herself, with patented adjustable bass drivers. Boom boom POW!

CordCruncher Earphones come with three sets of silicone ear tips in varying sizes, which I so appreciate because I spent decades having to use over-the ear-headphones because I couldn't get regular ones to fit and stay in. I can customize them to fit me. And should I want to lend them to a friend, I can offer them something in their size.

I love the fact that you can toss these headphones into your purse, tote, gym bag, carryon, luggage or briefcase without a care in the world - go ahead and put 'me right in the middle of all your stuff - and you will be able to retrieve them in an instant. It's so easy, you may even laugh the first time it happens as I did. It was so painless and such a relief. You can even tie them around your bag or wrist - they will come free in one second.

With CordCruncher, you'll have one less thing to worry about. Because don't you already have enough on your plate?

Shop CordCruncher now.

p.s. They also carry charging cables.


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