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Still using a regular towel on your hair? 

We have been taught that this is just what you do, but the fact is that the material, as well as all that head rubbing, is damaging your hair as much as all that heat and all those products you insist heaping on it.

Using a regular cotton towel and running it all over that head of yours breaks the hair shaft, leaving your locks fragile and vulnerable. All that friction is why you've got a head full of frizz and split ends.

And notice how it takes forever to dry no matter how hard or long you rub? That because we've been doing it wrong all this time.

If you want to see a real hair revolution, get yourself some Aquis Hair Towels. Your mane will thank you.

The difference lies in the material. A thin light sheet made from Aquitex (80% polyester, 20% nylon) soaks up practically all the water, so that there's no longer a need to rub your head or spend countless time with a hair dryer.

That means frizz is no longer your problem. Just imagine the time you'll save on drying and the money you'll save on frizz eliminating and blow dry products.

Once I tried it, I was hooked.

Choose the type of towel depending on your needs:

Delicate hair or curls? Go for Lisse Luxe. If you have long locks, choose Long Towels. They are 25% longer than Lisse.  For those with thick hair, Waffle Luxe is for you. It absorbs water like a thirsty traveler. Your regular towels just can't compete, I don't care what the thread count is.

Because the towels are nice and thin, they wrap lickety-split and are a breeze to tuck and tie. My towels have never worked this fast or well.

Should you want something even easier, shop the adorable Turbans.

Towels and turbans come in four phenomenal varieties:

- Ivory White - the brightest white (thank you because I try not to use bleach)
- Desert Rose - smoky, flattering, feminine pink
- Cloudy Berry - a grey lavender that I want half of my wardrobe to be
- Chevron - a trend that while it's become so mainstream, still manages to look fresh and modern.

Thanks to Aquis, my hair is healthier, I am happier (I do not enjoy time spent having to try and reel in my hair or blow dry), and I haven't had to deal with a stitch of frizz.

It's the towel of my dreams. The only thing to make it better? A photo of Joe Manganiello or Ruby Rose on it.

See the difference for yourself. Take their #3HAB challenge - Simply buy a hair towel or turban and use after every wash for three weeks. Keep it if you love it, return it if you don't. It's that simple.

Shop Aquis Towels now. In Canada, you can also shop Fabove online and in Hudson Bay stores.

Stephanie Dickison

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