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Wonder why our hair is such a disaster? It because you are using shampoo and conditioner made for the masses. Your hair and scalp is completely unique, so why aren't you using something more customized? And let's face it, most hair products concentrate on your hair, not your scalp, except for dandruff shampoos.

That's why you need to get yourself Aestelance - the fusion of "aesthetics" and "balance" - that truly nurtures not just your locks, but your whole head including the scalp. And that works specifically for you.

Aestelance, available exclusively in salons, is "made to measure" hair and scalp care that caters to your specific needs, including your hair's texture and how it's styled. 

Their belief is that "Moisturizing/conditioning is the most important step for healthy, shiny hair, especially if hair is chemically treated." The more damaged your hair, the more it needs to be infused with not just moisture, but proteins and lipids.

Remember, you aren't just dealing with your own wonky hair issues that have been passed down through the generations, but things like smog, chemical products you use, etc. You've got a lot of making up to do to that head of yours.

I have written at length at how different my Mum's skin and hair is to mine. She has a thick coarse, but beautiful mane (she constantly gets stopped in the street of people telling her how fabulous it is) while mine is thin and brittle.  Her olive skin is supple and moist while mine is pink, pale and dry as the Sahara. What doesn't work for me does wonders for my beautiful Momma and what she uses causes havoc on my mane. Imagine how different all your friend's hair and scalps are.

There are three lines - CleanseMoisturize, and scalp-specific Tone - along with an array of styling products. All are colour-coded as well as lettered to make it easy to remember which items you've used.  

In the Cleanse line alone, there are a myriad of choices:

- AS shampoo - For cleansing hair after swimming
D shampoo - For dry hair (medium to coarse) and scalp
DF shampoo - For dry hair (fine) and scalp
FI shampoo - Relieves flaky and irritated scalp
G shampoo - For healthy hair and scalp
GL shampoo - For frequent use on delicate or long hair
MC shampoo - For dehydrated hair and scalp
O shampoo - For oily hair and scalp 

See how specific it is? You can really finally get a handle on all your hair and scalp issues. You can also shop by issue - curly hair or split ends, for example - and even by season (summer/winter).

Products have a fresh, clean oceanic scent that is refreshing and not at all overpowering.

Aestelance MC Shampoo was made for my parched mane that I constantly batter with colouring, blow drying, straightening and styling. It is a rare day that it feels healthy and drenched in moisture.

To keep that moisture locked in, I followed up with Balm Leave-In Conditioner for dry, medium to coarse hair, and Protein Mask that that conditions dry or damaged hair from the Moisturize line.

After a couple of months spent in the scorching sun and under a ton of styling tools and products, amends were quickly made thanks to Mud Mask, and moisturizing Trigel Light Hold Gel that keeps frizz at bay no matter how high the humidity.

Finally, my hair and scalp settled down and bounced back. It got its groove back thanks to Aestelance. Delivering powerful moisture and tailor-made care, my mane flows, bounces, shines and flows. Stars such as Tracee Ellis Ross are fans too.

Every single time I've used Aestelance products, people tell me how much they love my hair.  I have a great stylist (love you Lena!), but these products take her expert cut to a whole new level, giving me a head of fluffy, shiny hair that is also manageable (just try and get those two things simultaneously). 

Who needs a glam squad when you've got Aestelance at your side?

Stephanie Dickison

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