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How is it that I don't already know of the amazing Vitry/Vitry in Canada? It's been around since 1795(!) and carries everything you could possibly need to get ready from tweezers to foot care, face and body care to all kinds makeup for eyes, lips and face makeup. There's a big section for nails and hands, including Anti-Bite Nail Varnish and lots of accessories, as well as products for the fellas and wee ones.

I was particularly captivated by their hand and nail line. I had never seen anything like their fascinating effervescent Whitening Manicure Fizzing Balls. And man do I was to slather my hands with their Express Hand Rubs. There are so many innovative products to try.

Here's a quick overview of the incredible items I tested:

If you're done with harsh removers, this is the one for you.  Foregoing acetone, nail polish is removed while your nails get nourished with sweet almond oil. The scent is soothing and you never have to worry about your nails drying out or whitening afterwards. My nails remains soft and smooth for days after I used it. It's a keeper for sure.

This is not just a wonder product - it's THE most effective and fast-acting nail polish remover I've ever tried. I can't believe that all you have to do is stick your finger in the jar, turn it in the comfy, cushy foam padding (talk about a spa treatment) a couple of times and voila - your nail lacquer has completely disappeared. In mere seconds.

And while this is a miracle in of itself, what I truly can't get over is that it doesn't just remove it from the middle surface, but it gets right in there in the corners and along the edges. No further touch ups necessary. And it does it all without using acetone, which we both know isn't good for either of us.

p.s. those of you with sensitive sniffers beware - it's got a strong alcohol scent.

A couple of weeks ago, my nails were a hot mess. Ragged, jagged corners caught on clothes. Nail beds were as dry as toast. Tips breaking left and right. All it took was applying NRTV every two days for a couple of weeks and they were back to their fighting shape.

It dries extremely quickly so you don't have to wait around, with your hands in the air like you just don't care. And I like that it comes in matte or bright finish, allowing you to customize it to your look and style. I tried bright and loved the professional look it delivered. At a work function, a colleague noted that my nails look chic and healthy. It's wonderful to be able to wear a treatment product without it looking like one. In fact, it looks like you've just come from the salon. How sweet is that?

As you age, your nails get these ridges. Subtle at first, one day you might look down and realize how deep they become. Either way, help is here, thanks to this awesome filler-in-er.

It's creamy translucent formula smoothly, magically fills in all your lady lumps and bumps. The BB base, enriched with vitamins A, C and E, dries quickly and provides a polished finish that looks completely pro.

And the slight satiny finish looks so good on you'll own, you'll be tempted to go without a top layer.

- Top Coat "Gel Look" 

I love getting the wicked shine look of gel nails without the damage it causes. This thick top coat doesn't just add a brilliant glow however - it adds volume and depth, giving your nails the look and feel of gel. Application is easy - just glide it on. Even though the formula is thick, it never clumps or gloms onto one area more than the other.

p.s. in case you're not a fan of fragrance, just know that this too, has a powerful scent.

Vitry Nail Products will soon be available at Pharmasave and Rexall in Canada.

In the meantime, you can find more info at and shop online at

Stephanie Dickison

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