Annabelle EyeInk2 Mistake Proof Eyeliner + Corrector - Because We All Make Mistakes Sometimes

The cat eye is still on trend. The proof? Lauren Conrad still hasn't given up on it. Adele is sticking with her signature flick. And the list goes on - Boldfaced names such as Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift are still rockin' it. The sharp black line is here to stay whether you like it winged or just as is.

Which is why the Annabelle EyeInk2 Mistake Proof Eyeliner + Corrector is the ultimate tool for such tasks. Not only does the thin felt tip give you lots of control, should you veer outside of the lines, the attached corrector will erase any missteps along the way.

I love that it goes on so smoothly.  My small eyes have lots of bumps, creases and wrinkles along the lash line that can make a straight edge difficult to achieve. With a steady hand, the long thin body and fine tip are a perfect pairing to achieve a stellar clean, crisp line. I also love the gloss finish. It really makes your eyes pop.

It takes just a second to dry, but is set to last over 10 hours. Thank goodness, because my day's just getting started. It's also waterproof and smudgeproof, which is great for the gym, pool, hot springs, unseasonably wet weather and for when the tears come (hopefully just from a touching commercial).

The felt tipped corrector - that looks white but is completely clear - goes over your slight blunder and magically swipes it away. There's no wetness or wait time, just perfect makeup that enhances your look. 

Life is anything but perfect, but your eyeliner can be thanks to always innovative, always reliable Annabelle Cosmetics.

Stephanie Dickison

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