Potion Tattoo Aftercare - Because You Want Your Tattoo to Look as Good as You Do

I waited two decades to get a tattoo. And when I finally got it, it seemed everyone already had not just one, but many. They had become as mainstream as podcasts and artisanal chocolate. Everyone from cashiers to bartenders to middle aged mums were getting inked.

So maybe you have one too. Or your bestie does. Or maybe you're still figuring out what to get exactly (therein lies the rub - if you have to live with it forever, it better mean something to you or make you feel good). Regardless, you should get Potion Tattoo Aftercare now so that you have it for when you do finally go under the needle.

It looks just like lip balm (it was created by Janice Lenius of the amazing Earth Element Farm Products I told you about) and all you need to do is swipe it across your design. Now it depends on how big your art is. My best friend's husband has designs that take up his whole upper arm, while mine is only an inch long, so he will need the large format, while the small will last me a good long while. 

Each stick is handmade in Canada so you know you are getting a quality product made with great care. 

Designed to work for both new and old tattoos, I applied it to my design that's just about a year old. While I am diligent about applying SPF to it in the summer (it's in a visible spot not always covered by clothing), I haven't done anything extra to it since I got it. I have noticed it gets dry and tight from time to time.

Tattoos require moisture as well as sun block and UV block and not all moisturizers were made to penetrate the skin equally. Each stick uses only 100% natural, unrefined ingredients (some of which are organic as well), all amazing healers that have been designed to soothe and moisturize for 24 hours. Just watch as organic unrefined shea butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, Pure British Columbia, beeswax, calendula flower, goldenseal, and infused organic soya oil, brighten your design and infuse your skin with hydration without a slick of grease to be seen or felt anywhere. In fact, you can barely detect it. There's a slight whiff of beeswax, but even with my supersniffer, it is difficult to discern.

Because after all, you've gone to the trouble of getting a tattoo, you don't want it to fade or look ruddy. And you certainly don't want to have to get it redone. 

Tattoos are for life so take good care of them. I can't think of a better way than Potion Tattoo Aftercareso shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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