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As much as I've enjoyed decorating my house and office with art on the walls, I suddenly realized how little space is left. 

To maximize on the little real estate leftover, I thought of getting magnetic art that could also serve to get some of this paper off my desk and help organize me while style adding style to the room.

It was harder to find interesting, modern designs here in North American than I thought, so I went abroad and found it all in Groovy Magnets, out of Belgium.

Their selection of Magnetic Stickers, Wallpaper and Magnets offer fun and sophisticated designs that will appeal to the whole family.

If you've always wanted a chalkboard wall, forget the paint and get this quick easy to install Chalkboard Magnetic Wallpaper. Or paint your own, bring the zoo home, or add a stunning ombre effect with this gorgeous Geometrical Print Magnetic Wallpaper (this one's next on my list).

If you're looking to fill a smaller space with verve, Magnetic Stickers are the way to go. While I'm not a chalkboard person (too messy), I am completely charmed by the Chalkboard Deer and Bear. And the modern minimalist in me is mad about the simple style of Uni. The copper especially would add a spot of glam to any room. 

But it's the Animal Collection that I am besotted with (the Animal Puzzles also rock). The intricate artwork and expressions are so lifelike, it's practically impossible to choose between the regal owl, adorbs kitty, hypnotic fox, chill giraffe, pop art perfect parakeet, captivating rabbit, and the newest addition to the pack, the majestic lion.

After a long and hard think (I take , I went with the wide-eyed bunny (pictured above). Not only do I love his expression, the drawing is so detailed, there are little rogue hairs floating near his head. I am also crazy about the large size of him - diameter almost 24 inches. It's enough to get the clutter off my desk and onto the wall - and you'll notice that each animal design is fitted with plenty of white space, so you don't actually have to cover up the little fella's face if you don't want to. Brilliant, because after all, you've chosen art as opposed to just a boring  ol' bulletin board, etc. - you want to be able to show it off. 

It comes with a little instruction manual, 1 star magnet and 4 disk magnets (may I also suggest the alphabet and numbers sets, modish tangrams, the astonishing Indie Beetle, and the elegant circle magnets that go with everything). They can be adhered to any smooth, even surface.

Adding chic and original style to your home or office just got so much easier, thanks to the incredible Groovy Magnets. They'll even remind you where those important papers, receipts and ticket stubs are.

Shop Groovy Magnets now.

Stephanie Dickison

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