Slanky - Your Most Essential Winter Accessory Has Arrived (and it's sexy too!)

I am one of the those people who always feels cold. While most people I know stretch their legs out from under the blankets to get relief in the cool air, and some even donning capris and shorts in winter, I am snugged tightly under the comforter, hot drinks and soup at my side, with frequent checks of the thermostat (it doesn't feel like 23). Frankly, I am almost never warm enough. 

So when I heard about Slanky - a unique, nearly invisible, base layer/undergarment that works to keep you warm  - I was intrigued. But I had my reservations:

- I can't wear Spanx or any other restrictive body shapers because the feeling of all painful digging and suffocating pressure is too intense. I don't know how people do it.
- Would the fabric accentuate my shortcomings? That spare tire around my middle? Those love handles that had dropped low on my hips? Sigh. 
- I am in and out of places all day long, so while I was pretty confident of being kept warm outside, I was worried I would be boiling when I stepped indoors.

I should have know Slanky would rock my world. Here's why:

1. You'll fall in love with the super stretchy nylon/spandex blend

You might recognize the fabric - similar to your pantyhose. It has the same look and feel as pantyhose (sheerness and all), but better.

The material is thin, soft and ultra silky, not at all scratchy like those cheap nylons you've worn in the past. You even put it on like nylons, scrunching up the arms like you would the legs. 

A plush lace trim neckline and waistline adds a sweet feminine touch and feel so sumptuous, you'll never want to take it off (it's available without lace, and in a short version, pictured above as well).

2. A wicked shaper - without the pain!

So I put it on (it's one of the only shapers you'll ever wear that doesn't take all of your strength and energy to wiggle into, leaving you breathless, exhausted sweaty and well, let's face it - a hot mess).  I look in the mirror and suddenly, I am svelte.

Because the shaper goes under your bra, you don't lose your silhouette (with other shaper tops, they always mash down the one thing you'd wish would stick out), and it magically smoothes out your stomach and hips (thank you, thank you, thank you). Say hello to your sleek, sexy new figure, all without the pain and expense of a trainer.

Never mind the warming factor, people, this is the most comfortable, flattering shaper you'll ever own. 

3. Never wear big, bulky anything again

Heavy clothing? Multiple layers? Just the thought of it leaves me exhausted, so I can't imagine trying to move comfortably under all those clothes.

Which is why I am all about my Slanky. It adds significant warmth without bulk (order the one that best matches your skin tone - Blush, Cinnamon, Hazelnut and Black - and you can wear it under your thinnest blouse/sweater without anyone being the wiser). Because do you really want to look bigger than you are? 'Nuff said. 

4. Say hello to feeling toasty ALL THE TIME

On a recent below freezing day, I took my Slanky for a spin. I wore  on various errands and occasions, indoors and outside. I wanted to see how comfortable it would be for long periods of time. I went for long walks, shopped, packed boxes, vacuumed - everything and anything I could think of. 

Not only was it supremely comfy no matter what way I moved, it kept me warm in the cold AND indoors. When I was inside for awhile, I didn't get too hot or break out in a sweat - I just felt insanely comfy. 

Complete and utter bliss. I haven't touched a cup of hot chocolate in a week. Now that's something.

5. Costs less than a new bra

Which means you should buy a couple for yourself, one for your bae, one for your mum or aunt. This item here is profoundly groundbreaking, so you should definitely share the love - and the warmth.

6. Cleans up in a snap

Like nylons, all you need to do is rinse your top and hang to dry at night. No having to do a load of laundry late at night, no remembering to have to soak it like your other delicates. Freakin' phenomenal.

Shop Slanky right now. This winter is about to be your best ever.

Stephanie Dickison

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