Giah! 2016 Year Book - The Planner/Agenda of Our Dreams Has Finally Arrived

My yearly planner is one of the most necessary, used items of my life. I live and breathe by it. And while I use electronic calendars as well, there is nothing I love more quickly turning or scanning a single page for the information I need. It's not just what keeps me organized - it makes me efficient.

In the last three months of 2015, I searched high and low for a new planner. I found some stunners on Etsy, but they cost a f-o-r-t-u-n-e. How can they charge these prices? I went to every stationery and bookstore in the city. I couldn't find a monthly planner with big enough boxed to write in, and daily ones were either covered in busy, often unattractive patterns or they were such a dry bore that I would rather just use a binder and lined paper than something that looked like it came from a 1990 accounting firm.

Two close friends who know how much I use and rely on paper planners offered to treat me to whatever I wanted, no matter what the cost. Wow, how generous. This is my chance to really go all out. I found a big expensive Kate Spade number that I squealed over. Then I looked inside and the areas to write were the size of my thumbprint. How am I supposed to plan my life in that puny box?

In a last ditch effort, I went online one more time to search for something different, something wonderful, something that would change everything. That's when I found Giah! and the brand new 2016 Year Book.

Created by Alice and Gianluca, this planner is more than just a place to write down meetings and schedule appointments. This yearbook is designed to bring happiness to your life, while giving you ample space to write everything down.

"We had the idea to create a place where it is possible to find/write/draw/keep/storage anything useful to save your good days," they write.

Part scrapbook, part memory box, part agenda, this innovative planner is a kind of kit that comes in a sturdy handmade cardboard box. On the outside, you'll find a wide white elastic band to keep everything together, a black binder clip, and an adorable white pin that reads "Mark your nice future."

On the inside of the box are thick, off-white paper tri-folded like take out menus. There are 12 foldings months that reveal a poster on one side, and a calendar and agenda on the other.

The posters are so charming, you'll want to hang each and every one (hence the handy enclosed binder clip - Alice and Gianluca have really thought of everything). Sayings include:

Then there's the actual calendar/agenda portion, which is so exciting because it offers so much more than almost any other agenda out there.

Designed with room for not just your deadlines, meetings and dinner dates, but for other stuff too - ticket stubs, receipts, photos, clippings, swatches, this was made for real life that comes with scraps of paper and mementos.  Instead of just being a tedious, unimaginative place to record engagements and commitments, the Giah! 2016 Year Book becomes a real diary and time capsule of what happened that month all in one convenient and tidy place.

There are little areas designated for inspirations, and books and films of the month. Little boxes allow you to check off "Happy" and "Sunny" days. Lots of space on both the outside left and right pages is allotted for you to pin, stick and tape your items.

I am so smitten, tears well up. This is one of the most inventive, creative, enthusiastic, positive products I've ever come across.

And then it gets even better. 

You can use the page that works best for you. Turn the Giah! 2016 Year Book vertically for a calendar layout and use the horizontal view for an agenda. Not only can you switch it up month-to-month (some months are so crazy, you'll favour one perspective over another), but if you use it horizontally, you get two sides to list your power lunches, get togethers and rendezvous. Finally you have two columns in which to divide things. I like to list work deadlines and time frames on one side, with personal goals, targets and important items on the other. It helps me track everything in my life in one place, but keep it separate, which is really vital to trying to balance, simplify and organize your life.

The Giah! 2016 Year Book comes in two colours - Black (minimal black) and Pink fluo (decorative neon)

Crafted in Italy and printed in Lake Como, this is one quality product and one helluva life/game changer. And it's freakin' affordable too. 

Just because the year has already started doesn't mean you can't start using it now.  It's never too late. Using this amazing life planner, you'll realize that much sooner than that ugly calendar you got at the office supply store.

Buy the Giah! 2016 Year Book right now and have the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE!

Stephanie Dickison

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