EVE LOM White Brightening Mask - A Luxe Face Treatment That Lasts & Lasts

Sometimes testing numerous amounts of beauty products leaves my skin ragged and dull. It's overworked and underpaid (sound familiar?).

Then when I called in the big guns.

Years ago I was fortunate to try my first EVE LOM product -  EVE TLC Cream, which is still one of the top performing creams I've tried to date. So I was excited to try the new face mask. 

Cloth face masks are all the rage and now make a regular appearance on celebrity Instagram feeds. Stars are just like us! But I find that many don't fit well - sagging and drooping away from my cheeks and jawline, eye and mouth holes way too small (and mine are small, so how are other people with bigger features supposed to use them? How can they possibly work if they can't even adhere properly?

The EVE LOM White Brightening Mask comes sopping wet out of the package and that's a great thing. See, you want as much moisture and hydrating ingredients as possible to sink into and saturate your skin. And don't ditch the extra thick liquid. Smooth it on your neck and d├ęcolletage. Who doesn't want those brighter too? 

The beautiful 100% natural cotton mask smooths beautifully on the skin and smells lovely, fresh and floral. Eye and mouth holes are big enough to drink wine and eat (is there any other way to watch Netflix?). 

It requires just 10-15 minutes, which is nothing. And the reveal? Staggering. I looked like I just exited a luxe spa. My skin was flawless - smooth, even, soft and plump. All of the unevenness that I try to correct daily with makeup was gone. It had a luminosity from within that couldn't be ever be duplicated by luminizers, brighteners and highlighters. 

Even in the following days I still saw results as impressive as the first day. Everyone kept telling me how good my skin looked. I couldn't agree more. It was so hydrated I didn't even feel the need for moisturizer. What? In the middle of winter? How is that even possible?

I know it's a steeper price than those masks you've been picking up at the drugstore, but this one is truly worth it (and you get 8 masks per pack, practically a year's worth, making them $25 each) - Two days after, with just three hours sleep and a night of waay too many cocktails, my skin didn't prune up. Even my lips didn't chap like they usually do. My skin looked nourished and revitalized. So immaculate that when I left the house, I didn't put a stitch of makeup on. My skin looked picture-perfect as is. 

And weeks later, my skin is still in tip-top shape. 

Just imagine how much you would have spent on beauty products over that time. And this one does it in one fell swoop.

That's worth everything.

Stephanie Dickison

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