NEW Tweezerman Tools - Eyes Wide Open

I had a Tweezerman glass nail file for about 10 years until a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally knocked it off the table. They're stuff is built to seriously last.

Which is why I'm so excited about their new lineup that includes phenomenal lash curlers and easy-to-use makeup brushes.

Finally! Those of us with almond eyes (or deep set) get a lash curler customized for our specific eye shape.

Before this, all eyelash curlers were meant to work with any shape of eye. No wonder I could never get mine to reach skyward.

With the new wider span and more customized angles, I can get all of those hard-to-reach lashes. Just line it up along your lash line and watch how for once, it reaches all your flutterers, grabbing gentle hold of them without any pinching whatsoever. The thick, rounded silicone pads make it uber cushy.

You also don't have to use any force or pressure. God, the wrist aches I've battled in the past trying to squeeze my lashes as I prayed they would become more curled.

And despite having used two big name curlers in the past year, I haven't met one to give me the curly-wide-eyed look that the ProMaster Lash Curler delivers.

The sleek wiry frame with a wicked cool gunmetal grey-black finish looks like it could cause some serious digit indents, but it's as comfy as can be. Now that's great design.

Your curler comes with not just one or two replacement pads, but count 'em - three. That's unheard of. That's enough to get you not just through the holidays, but wedding season and a couple years worth of getting ready for any occasion.

It's the ultimate.

p.s. If you have more round shaped eyes, you're in luck. The Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler is just for you. And it comes in, gulp, rose gold. 

New Makeup Brushes

You don't have to be a makeup artist to appreciate a good brush, but often you have to be one to use them properly.

Brush iQ Brushes have got it all - they are made to grab hold of and liberate powder like you wouldn't believe and get this: they were engineered to give a more uniform application, so you'll be able to swath your eyes in shadows expertly for once.

The brushes are made with Dupont™ Natrafil® patented technology, making them better performers than those animal hair ones (ew) and also way more hygienic (so much easier to clean too).

I am hooked on the Eye Defining Set, which includes the Brush iQ Line Glider Brush, Shader and Blender Brush. You can do everything from a precise line to blending and building shades. Yes, even a beauty klutz like me.

The other genius feature? They are clearly marked so that you know what brush is for what. I don't use brushes every day, or even every month, so it's a helpful reminder until you get used to each one.

Shop Tweezerman now. Also available in Canada at Murale.

Stephanie Dickison

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