Makeup by Rodial - The Definition of Beauty

There is regular makeup and then there's Rodial.

This luxe brand allows you to define and contour like a pro without having to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials. All you need is their extraordinary makeup, available online and at beauty mecca Murale

Made to work on all skin tones, whether you're fair like me or rock a deeper shade, rest assured that you're about to get the most seamless look you've ever experienced. 

Compacts emblazened with a  bold silver "R" raised on embossed leather and rimmed in more silver makes it look like the Rolls-Royce of makeup. And it so is.

Take a look:

They call it "industrial-strength camouflage cream" which might lead you to believe that it's thick and  chalky like theatre paint, but it is the complete opposite. In fact, never before have I used a concealer that provides such phenomenal coverage, but disappears into the skin as if I weren't wearing a thing. 

Like a stealth CIA agent, the wax-based makeup is whisper thin and light, yet somehow covers up my dark circles and redness effortlessly. And go ahead and build multiple layers - no one will ever know. It's matte and seemingly invisible. 

By far one of my favourite, most mind-blowing products of all time.

If you want to look like you're dipped your toes in Caribbean waters or spent your vacation in St. Tropez, get that sun-kissed glow with this rockin' powder that delivers just enough impression of the sun without leaving you a titch orange-y. 

Using the Sculpting Brush, just whisk it gently across your hairline, along your cheekbones and at the tip of your nose. 

You don't need much, but what a difference it makes. 

I love me some illumination. It gives an ethereal quality to your skin that you could only achieve otherwise by severe limitations in diet and drink. Pssssh. Who wants to do that?!

I like a little under my brow and in the corner of my eyes as a quick perk-me-up way before I approach the coffee pot. A little along my cheekbones and along the bridge of my nose to keep it looking streamlined.

The soft straight brush allows for even, easy application.

Who doesn't want to shine a little brighter these days?

This white pencil (with cute rounded crystal on top!) is creamy and blends with ease, so don't think you have to go out with rigid white lines everything. 

Dot in the corners of your eyes or run it along your inner lid for a brighter outlook or run it along your cheekbones for an incandescent smoulder.

Eye Sculpt is much more than an eyeshadow. It's a complete transformer. 

The milk chocolate shade has a soft whipped meringue texture that goes on super sheer and can be built up to really create drama in them there eyes of yours.

So swipe it across your lids a couple of times for office hours and then take it up a notch for post-work cocktails. 

One product - endless possibilities. 

The smoky eye is a look that can be hard to conquer, but this pen makes it super east. Just line your lids and lash lines with this espresso colour (it really does work with every eye colour) and then smudge away. You can be as delicate or brash as you like. Once you've got it to where you want it, don't worry - it's not going anywhere. It's there to stay.

Which is all you've ever wanted.

- Glamolash Mascara Skinny

If you want natural looking lashes, Glamolash is for you.

Lashes are long and separated without ever glomming together. It goes on super light and gives you the wide-eyed look that makes you look years younger than your driver's license gives away.

And what a gem - what other mascara can you say has amethyst, sapphire and ruby powders right in the formula?

Stephanie Dickison

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