Fusion Beauty - Bigger is Better This Holiday Season!

I have fairly small features, so I'm always looking for ways to enhance them without have to resort to false eyelashes or painful surgical procedures. I want to look like me, but better.

Fusion Beauty delivers deep volume and true beauty with their products, ones unlike anything else I've ever tried. 

Perfect for the holiday season where the look is glitz and glam from the start of December all the way to New Year's Day, trust me - you've never looked better.

Take a look:

There are lots of wet and shiny glosses out there and a few with plumping agents but if you want one that stays put and doesn't irritate or sting, Colour Shine Sheer Plumping Gloss is the way to go.

Using marine collagen filling spheres, you get an instant fuller lip without a stitch of pain or discomfort. And fuller as in slightly juicier than your own, but never even verging on duck lips. 

The high gloss shine looks phenomenal, but doesn't slip or slide around. And it lasts and lasts - I applied Sugar (a fabulous, flattering all-occasion shade) before leaving the house and it was still going as I sat down to dinner - making it one of the best and most essential glosses I've ever tried.

Never before have I seen a plumping lipstick. For those that prefer lipstick to gloss or for occasions where you just feel like rocking lipstick, this minty cool formula gives your lips the boost they need, thanks to microscopic spheres. 

The creamy pink of Babydoll is ultra feminine and flattering, and the slight tingle? Rejuvenating.

Just a few weeks back I was using  a mascara that was drying my lashes right out and it looked like I had way less than I used to. How to revive and enhance them without having to bother with growth serums every night? Why aren't folks making mascaras that promote growth, volume, etc.?

That's why you are going freak out over XXL Extreme Volume + Lash Enhancing Mascara. Not only is the conical brush amazing - allowing you to sweep over lashes cleanly and evenly, but the narrow tip allows you to get right in there from root to tip as well as separate any that are trying to stick together. And the wide end delivers more volume and length. 

So in addition to getting longer, bigger dark lashes (Extreme Black makes your eyes pop, no matter what their colour), in just 15 days, you'll notice three times more volume in your formerly puny lashes. Already my lashes are fuller, longer, and stronger. Just imagine how dramatic they'll be by Christmas!

Stephanie Dickison

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