Carlene K Shine Bronzer - Completely Transform Your Skin in Seconds

There is one way to look phenomenal this season - Carlene K Shine Bronzer.

Transform your pallid winter skin to deep and glowing in just seconds with this astounding lotion that  delivers a sexy sheen and slight tan from clavicle to the tips of your toes.

Application is simple - put a quarter-size dollop in your hand and apply to skin in a circular motion. Wait 2-4 minutes before dressing. Don't worry - this moisturizing cream doesn't stain your skin (or clothes) and comes off easily with soap and water. And get this - it doesn't streak either. 

The difference it makes is remarkable - it covers up imperfections, streamlines everything and evokes a sexy siren quality that changes everything. I wouldn't normally don a sexy low-cut halter top in late-December, but with the help of Carlene K Shine Bronzer, I rocked it. My neck, shoulders, arms and neck smouldered. Tonight instead of nylons, I can go bare legged thanks to this fab find. And don't forget your face - used with a damp sponge, it's a brilliant highlighter and contour tool. You'll be picture perfect, just watch - your #selfies will be perfection. 

I love that you can customize it to your skin and the occasion - apply it once for slight colour and coverage or build it up for a more prominent Hollywood red carpet appeal. Originally created for dancers on stage, it lasts and lasts (bonus: water resistant too), so go ahead and dance the night away, above or below the sheets. 

And I say that because this lotion makes your skin so undeniably sexy, don't be surprised if you feel a bit more confident than usual. And thus, people might look and treat a little nicer too - "Ooh, why don't you take the table at the window?" "No, no, you take this cab, I'll get the next one."

Your skin also gets a deep hit of hydration and moisturizers, thanks to pumpkin extract and vitamins A, C & E, which is why it shouldn't be saved for just the summer months of short short and tank tops. Your body will love you if you use it at this time of year. And the warm cocoa vanilla scent extends that beach, sun-drenched feel to wherever you are, no matter how much the temperature drops or how many inches of snow falls. 

Once you try it, you won't be able to live without it. You look just like you - only better. Waaaaay better. 


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