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2020 Vision Cosmetics is a magnified beauty collection where products are equipped with magnifying mirrors. But don't mistake that for being solely for older women.

This just means you can finally get up close and get right in there, detailing your look from start to finish with precision. And with perfection.

How many times have you leaned across the sink or cabinet to try and get up close enough to the mirror to only find you can see it just okay? 

It's time to get a closer look:

Two shades in one compact made just slightly darker than you're used to is a great thing - it ensures that you'll never have those shocking light patches under your eyes again. The crème base is both moisturizing and easy to apply. And the slightly waxy finish makes it stay put, so you won't find yourself having to reapply throughout the day like you've had to with those "others." I love that I can put it on and forget about it and not have to worry about looking fatigued by noon.

It's also great for any imperfections (no one needs to know about your breakout) or evening out discolourations. 

And magnifying mirror helps you get flawless coverage with ease, so there's no chance of ever missing a spot again.

While there are many shades available in the collection, it's all natural for me.

The nude eye is still a hot look this season, and it's so easy to achieve a stunning look with the three-in-one All Naturals eye palette.

First use the over all colour, then switch to the medium tone to accentuate. Apply the darkest shadow along the lash line for a dramatic finish (it can be used wet or dry). The mix of matte and pearl allows for depth and contrast without ever verging on making you look like a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. This is all about looking great IRL.

And I'm telling you, that magnifying mirror changes everything in the way you apply your makeup. You won't be able to do without it after this.

If you've been searching for a creamy, emollient lipstick, look no further than 2020 Vision Cosmetics.  Using a combination of oils (grape seed, avocado and jojoba) and shea butter, you get the moisturization and hydration you look for in balms, with the bonus of rich pigments that stay on without feathering or fading, all fragrance-free.

Choose from 14 shades in matte or pearl. I tried the nude, which is a fabulous shade no matter what the season. And that magnifying mirror means whether you're applying your lipstick in the back of a cab or in the comfort of home, no matter what, you're going to look phenomenal.

Shop 2020 Vision Cosmetics for these products, as well as Foundation, Eyebrows, and Blush.

Stephanie Dickison

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