Yves Rocher - New Fall/Winter/Holiday Beauty Round Up!

If you've been a knack reader for awhile, you know that I  think Yves Rocher is one of the best beauty brands in the worlds. This line from France delivers on every claim and yet is still affordable.  Swoon.

Recently, I tried and fell hard for the following:


- If your concerns are lines and sagging skin, look no further than Serum Végétal Wrinkles + Firmness. Completely addictive and insanely sexy, the entire line plumps your skin and then plumps some more (the scent is divine!). I felt like a young Brigitte Bardot by the end.

- Wrinkles + Radiance gives you a youthful glow all the while addressing those stubborn furrows, creases and ridges. I could not get enough of the Smoothing Day Care Cream and Luminizing Eye Roll-on

- The NEW Sensitive Végétal line is ideal for sensitive skin. Yves Rocher uses the concept of botanical assimilation - skin’s capacity to allow an ingredient to penetrate - and the ingredient Sigesbeckia Orientalis, a medicinal plant native to Madagascar that has "long been recognized for the benefits it offers to vulnerable skin and effectively fights against all signs related to sensitive skin." Ingredients were limited on purpose in order to reduce potential reactions.

The complete beauty line does everything to soothe, nourish, restore and preserve sensitive skin:

First cleanse the skin with Soothing Cleansing Milk, then tone with Soothing Micellar Water And Soothing Facial Mist (I used the water daily with the mist as an occasional refresher). The final step - soothe with Intense Soothing Concentrate, Soothing Moisturizing Cream or Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream and for additional care, Targeted Comfort Care.

While catering to your delicate skin, the line is intensely hydrating and nourishing and completely effective. I know, because I have sensitive skin.


- Fixing Eyelid Primer  Want stay- put shadow? All you need is this l'il beauty enriched with camellia oil. It also happens fill in wrinkles and fine lines (so you can finally wear shimmery shadows without it aging you!).

It deeply intensify the colour, so you can finally use up what were formally drab shades shoved to the back of the drawer. And since you need just a smidge, the tube will last you for what feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

- Top Coat for Eye Makeup  The ideal finishing touch, to be used over shadows and pencils, delivers a glossy, pearly or metallic effect, depending on which one you choose. A fantastic addition for the upcoming holiday season.

- Botanical Color Eye Pencils This is one of the best eyeliners EVER. Soft and creamy thanks to 100% botanical origin carnauba wax, it just slides on, so you can make as crisp or subdued a line as you like. It's one of the few eyeliners that I've been able to achieve a smoky eye with without having to watch videos or call on a makeup pro friend to help.

The intense colours make your eyes pop no matter what colour they are, so if someone can't stop staring into your baby blues/greens/browns/hazels, you only have this to blame. I love the colour range that includes stunners such as Agave Blue, Iris Purple, Artemisia Grey, and Eucalyptus

The only improvements to be made here exterior ones: 1. make them self-sharpening and 2. make the no-budge plastic wrappers (I used a combination of scissors, letter opener, and teeth) way easier to remove (do your manicure afterward). 

- Botanical Colour Nail Polish Made from a botanical resin from a tree in the Philippines, the shine that you get with this polish is insane. The new nature-inspired line gives you a choice of over 50 bright shades including glitters and metallics, and 10 that give a gel-effect without all the work, so you'll never have to wear the same ol' thing.

The fan-shaped brush allows for easy application, covering your nail in one fell swoop, and thanks to the thick texture and deeply saturated colour, you'll find one layer is all you need. You'll also appreciate the quick drying time, because you've got a busy day ahead of you.

In addition to the incredible choice of colours (all made without toluene, formaldehyde or camphor), you've got to get the amazing Smoky Effect Top Coat that turns your shade deeper, darker and smokier, Glossy Top Coat because who doesn't want dazzling shine, and Express Drying Drops that dry your nails instantly. They're as addictive as the shades themselves.


The new So Elixir L'Eau de Parfum launches this month. Made by Parfumers Marie Salamagne and Olivier Cresp, this seductive scent is ultra feminine with warm woodsy notes thanks to iris absolute and patchouli essence, and a hint of creaminess from vanilla absolute. It is an ideal scent for the season. Layer the scent and keep your skin hydrated with the matching perfumed body lotion.

And now for a little Holiday Preview!

Just in time for the holiday season, Yves Rocher launches 4 new scents:

Limited Edition Apple Delight

With a hint of vanilla, it just oozes a fall and holiday feel! It's available in everything from Eau de Toilette and Scented Candle.

Spicy Vanilla

Warm vanilla gets a hint of holiday spice in this collection that includes Shimmering Body Lotion, and Perfumed Bath Oil.

Limited Edition Candied Orange & Almond

My favourite of the bunch, it's not too sweet and has a clean freshness with just a touch of orange finish. Very soft and feminine. I can't get enough of the Shower & Bath Gel, Exfoliating Bubble For Bath, and Hand Cream.

Candied Orange & Cinnamon

To me, it smells like the dark chocolate orange cream in the box with the crinkly paper sections, with just a whiff of cinnamon. Cover yourself in this creamy, spicy aroma from head to toe - start with the Nourishing Lip Balm and Liquid Hand Soap.

Glittering Holiday Botanical Nail  Polishes:

To get holiday party and New Year's Eve ready, just shake on a little of the stunning Loose Nail Glitter in Champagne Rose. Or add some Silver Glitter Top Coat to your colour add a dazzling crystal effect.

To rock throughout the holiday season, try any of these from the brand new Botanical Color Nail Polish Holiday Collection:

- Subtle and classic, Champagne Rose Perle and Givre go with everything
- Plum notes get a snowy sparkle with Poupre Perle
- Blue Givre looks like Christmas morning
- A retro ornament feel is achieved with Vert Givre
- A moody Anthracite Perle is seductive
- The slight shimmer and deep shade of Bleu Nuit Perle adds intrigue

You've gotta shop Yves Rocher now. It really is one of the very best.

Stephanie Dickison

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